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Our organisation is certified to have engaged with good manufacturing practices and following a standard code of practice for manufacturing. 

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All the ingredients in our products are globally sourced ,carefully tested and approved by experts.

Our values align with being clean and cruelty free hence all our products are made of vegetarian or plant based alternatives to animal-derived materials.

All our products are free of Formaldehyde

All our products are Sulphate free

All our products are Paraben free

In our Lab, SPF has 2 full forms, one, Sun Protection Factor, and the other, Safe and Protected Formulations

Ingredients Reports

Bare Anatomy

Cure Your Hair Care Woes With Bare Anatomy's High Performance Ingredients

Filled with Nutrients and Vitamins. It moisturizes the hair cuticles and acts as a hydrator.

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 Acts as a main source of energy and nutrition for dry, frizzy and coarse hair strands It repairs and grows hair cells and prevents hair breakage.

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Hydrates the scalp and hair with its humectant properties and provides protection from damage.

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Provides sulphur to hair cells, supports collagen production and offers antimicrobial properties.

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Strengthens the hair and has smoothing properties.

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Chemist At Play

Ceramides Based Products For Targeted Skin Concerns

Plant-based hydrating ingredient to combat Flakiness, That creates a moisture barrier on the skin

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Replenishes skin ceramides and improves skin barrier function

Hydrates the skin & soothes inflammation

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Prevents dryness,making skin smooth and supple

Fades away facial scars to promote an even skin tone and improves skin’s barrier

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Clinically Certified, Safe SPF To Combat The Sun's Wrath

Protects the skin against UV damage

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It has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Neutralizes UV radiation dissipated by sunlight and minimizes skin damage from prolonged sun exposure

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Provides photo protection from UVA & UVB rays

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Blocks the absorption of harmful UV rays

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