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Why Are Ceramides So Fun To Play With?

To figure out what ceramides do for our skin, let's imagine we are making laddoos.

Anyone who has ever made (or eaten) laddoos would know that unless you have a good amount of ghee in them, they don't taste great, neither do they hold their shape nor stay fresh for too long.

Ditto for our skin!

In the science of skincare,
Ceramides = Ghee

India's First Ceramides-Based Skincare Brand

Ceramides are lipids (fats) that are found in our skin naturally. They make up about 50% of the skin's top layer (epidermis), thus being an important component of the skin.

And as we age, their production decreases which leads to multiple skin woes such as dryness and signs of ageing. 

Ceramides are the ultimate daddy of skincare ingredients because they...

Help trap the moisture inside the skin

Help strengthen the barrier of the skin

Improve the overall appearance of the skin

Fight signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc.

That's not all, they are the only ingredient that starts to work in about 10 minutes!

They have gained a lot of interest in the skincare world because of all the amazing benefits of ceramides for the skin. Trust us- if you want your skin to thank you later, then include ceramides-based products in your skincare regimen!

Another notable benefit of ceramides are that they are suitable for all skin types. So yes, ceramides are great for oily skin as well.

Understand it this way- ceramides are found naturally in the skin, thus they are 'skin-identical' to all skin types!

Ceramides are found in the top layer of the skin. In fact, it comprises almost 50% of the skin's top layer (yup, that's a lot of ceramides!). They help strengthen the barrier of the skin, among other skincare benefits. 

To sum it up, ceramides are safe as they have nothing but great news for our skin!

Ceramides act like 'cement for the skin'- holding the skin cells together and keeping the skin looking young and so fine! They also help trap in the moisture, thus keeping the skin moisturized for longer hours.

Hell yes!

Chemist at Play is India's first ceramides-based skincare brand and all our products, be it skin or body care, are infused with the goodness of essential ceramides. Since we love animals (we are also a cruelty-free brand), we took the phytoceramides (plant-based ceramides) route.

Ceramides are found naturally in our skin's top layer. But, you can also derive them from animals as well as plants.

The benefits of ceramides are aplenty; improves the overall appearance of the skin, strengthens the skin barrier, are loaded with anti-aging properties, etc.

And as we age, their production decreases. 

Thus, using ceramides-infused skincare products should be your ultimate skincare goal!