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Advanced Brightening Face Serum
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
Advanced Brightening Face Serum by Chemist at Play
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Advanced Brightening Face Serum

20% Vitamin C + 1% Tocopherol + 0.5% Ferulic Acid

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  • Brightens Skin
  • Fades Dark Spots & Scars
  • Boosts Collagen
  • Unclogs Pores

Key Features

  Skin Type: Dull, Normal, Combination

  Skin Concerns: Dullness, Facial Spots

  pH Value: 5.5

  Certifications: Dermatologically Tested

  Peta Certified: Yes

  Vegetarian: Yes

Advanced Brightening Face SerumAdvanced Brightening Face Serum

• Our 20% Vitamin C Brightening serum for skin captures the glow of the day for you.

• It delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants to reverse environmental damage for brighter, radiant skin and an even-toned complexion.

• It helps to boost collagen and accelerate damage repair in the skin.

Hero Ingredients

The Advanced Brightening Serum is enriched with:

20% Vitamin C
Helps reduce dark spots and evens out the skin tone.We import high quality Vitamin C from China to produce a value product for your skin care routine. If it's not the best, it's not worth it.

Vitamin E
Reduces the signs of aging and protect you from UV damage

Retains moisture in the skin and replenish hydration levels, giving the serum a lightweight feel.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Penetrates deep into the skin layers to replenish hydration levels, eliminating dryness and flakiness

Oryza Sativa
A plant derived nutrient, which soothes skin and keeps it hydrated

A natural moisturiser, Konjac ceramides which help keep the skin youthful and plump

Directions To Use

Advanced Brightening Face SerumAdvanced Brightening Face Serum
<p>For best results, use our glowing skin booster serum once daily. Apply 3-4 drops of face serum for glowing skin after cleansing and toning your face (before moisturising). Spread the Vitamin C serum evenly by gently tapping on the skin, allowing it to absorb nicely. Make sure to follow it with SPF (AM only).</p>
Advanced Brightening Face Serum
Frequently Bought Together

Purified water, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid (most stable form of Vitamin C), Propanediol, Saccharide Isomerate, Citric acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Ferulic acid, Xanthan Gum, Rice (Oryza Sativa) Phytoceramide, Zaminkand Root (Amorphophallus Konjac) Phytoceramide, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Orange Extract (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis), Polysorbate 80.

Clinical Trials are a very crucial aspect of our product development process. All our products are tried and tested on real (willing) humans including our founders and their families. The products only hit the market when they are tested and approved by over 200 genuine participants. These real customer insights also help us improvise on our products when they are not up to their desired requirements.

Advanced Brightening Face SerumAdvanced Brightening Face Serum

FAQs About Advanced Brightening Face Serum

Fortunately, the answer is yes, at least for most skin types! After all, Vitamin C formulas are known to prove ideal for those with dull skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, and oily skin types. Now, doesn't that cover almost all skin types?

As per most clinical and aesthetic dermatology studies, it can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks for a noticeable improvement in skin health, after one starts using this antioxidant serum on a daily basis.

When applied topically, the best Vitamin C serums help reduce the redness and swelling that comes with acne thanks to their rich antioxidant properties. This, in turn, helps improve the appearance of acne wounds and even your skin tone.

Yes, both salicylic acid as well as Vitamin C can be a part of your skin care routine. However, the acidic nature of the former may reduce the effectiveness of Vitamin C. Hence, it is advisable that you use one of these in your AM routine and the other in your PM skin care routine. This is especially true for those with sensitive skin types.

Yes, you can use a Vitamin C Serum every day for an even skin tone. In fact, it is recommended that you use the Vitamin c serum twice a day, in the morning and at night, each time after cleansing and toning your face. The best vitamin c serums comprise fruit enzymes that help brighten up even the dullest skin tones. It has hydrating properties and is known to limit free radical damage to a great extent, thereby improving skin tone as well as skin texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Lalitha Mallula


Works for me

It worked for my skin. Made my skin evenly bright and my dark spots and blemishes are very light too.

Sohel Sheikh

Advanced Brightening Face Serum

Saurabhi DS

Applies well.

Akshita Harjai
100% works

It’s amazing. Although I don’t have any discolouration but still I can see changes in my skin texture. I apply it with the hyaluronic acid serum