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Calms & nourishes
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Skin nourishment & hydration
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Brightens & nourishes the skin
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Hydrates & brightens
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Gives glow & hydrates
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Gives radiant finish
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Skin nourishment & hydration
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Intense hydration & protection
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Skin nourishment & hydration
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Evens out & improves texture
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SunScoop Hygiene

What's the Deal with SPF?

Here’s some scoop for you:

Did you know that sun damage begins as soon as the sunlight hits our skin? In fact, UV rays are on of the primary reasons for premature ageing! And yes, other factors such as pollution, every day bad habits are no help either.

It is a myth that *sunscreen is necessary only when we're hitting the beach.*

Hate to break it to you but the sun shines everywhere and not just the beach.

Ooh! And it's not only sunlight that's affecting your skin health, but also the blue light that your fave gadgets emit on your face everyday, even at night!

So, we're here to remind you



Fluid Body Sunscreen

A refreshing spritz for the ultimate protection under the sun!

Expert SPFs for You

Tried & Tested on Real (Willing) Humans

We Have a Long No List

One word our scientists swear by is SAFETY.

SPFs are known to be filled with harmful chemicals to give the desired results. But what's protection if the formulation itself isn't protected. In our Lab, SPF has 2 full forms, one, Sun Protection Factor, and the other, Safe and Protected Formulations

Research Led, SPF Essentials

We're India's First and Only SPF Focused Brand with a simple mission:

To educate everyone about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily.

Everytime one uses skincare products enriched with actives, a percentage of these actives enter the bloodstream. Penetration of these actives at unregulated concentrations can cause skin ailments in the long run which might be unknown and unseen today.

At SunScoop, we ensure that only the right ingredients backed by constant research and safety profile are used in our products that promise to protect your skin against the sun's wrath, (and gadgets-emitted blue light) while tackling common skin woes.



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