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Uneven Tone

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    Treats Pigmentation
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    Brightens targeted areas
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    Brightens skin & unclogs pores
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    Replensihes natural glow
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    Cleanses & treats odor
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    Brightens & nourishes the skin
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    Brightens & nourishes the skin
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    Cleanses & treats odor
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    Brightens & protects skin
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    Treats odor & acne
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    Cleanses & treats odor
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    Cleanses & treats odor
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    Exfoliates & treats odor
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    Cleanse, smoothen & nourish
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    Treat, smoothen & nourish
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    Uneven Skin Tone Products

    Embark on a transformative skincare journey with Innovist's specialised range of products formulated to combat uneven skin tone. Our formulations are formulated with precision, offering a holistic approach to address specific concerns or achieve an overall improvement in skin clarity. Whether you're targeting particular areas or seeking comprehensive enhancement, our products are tailored to deliver effective solutions. From the brightening power of the Vitamin C brightening face serum to the targeted care of the Underarm whitening roll-on, each product is a testament to our commitment to providing a nuanced and transformative experience.

    Our Products

    Underarm Brightening Roll-On:
    Formulated with brightening agents, this roll-on is designed to reduce discoloration in the underarm region, providing a confident and visibly brighter appearance.

    Exfoliating Body Wash:
    This invigorating wash not only cleanses but also gently exfoliates, promoting the removal of dead skin cells and encouraging a smoother and more uniform skin texture.

    Brightening Body Lotion:
    This lotion is crafted to lighten dark spots and promote an overall even skin tone. Imbued with nourishing ingredients, it provides lasting moisture while contributing to the restoration of skin luminosity.

    Brightening Face Wash:
    Enriched with brightening agents, it removes impurities while promoting a brighter complexion. Incorporate this face wash into your daily routine for a refreshed and revitalised visage.

    Vitamin C Serum:
    This potent formulation is a standout solution for achieving an even skin tone. Vitamin C not only gives a radiance boost but also contributes to collagen synthesis, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion. It also acts like an exfoliating face serum.

    Hyperpigmentation Serum:
    This concentrated treatment is designed to penetrate and reduce dark spots, contributing to a more uniform skin tone and a certain radiance boost.

    Explore More Categories

    Delve into the diverse formulations within each category, allowing you to personalise your skincare routine to your specific concerns and preferences. With specialised solutions ranging from targeted care for specific areas to overall brightening and exfoliating options, our categories empower you to curate a regimen that ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving the radiant and even skin tone you desire. Explore the diverse formulations & a range of uneven skin tone products and find the perfect combination for your unique skin care needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieving an even and radiant skin tone.


    What causes uneven skin tone, and how can these products help?

    Uneven skin tone can result from factors like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and aging. Products formulated for even skin tone, such as advanced brightening serum and skin tightening face serum, can help address these issues. These serums often contain ingredients like niacinamide and brightening agents that work to fade dark spots, promote a more balanced complexion, and improve skin texture. With consistent use, they can assist in achieving a more radiant and even skin tone.

    Can the underarm roll-on effectively address underarm discoloration and darkness?

    Absolutely, Yes! While underarm roll-on products primarily focus on odor and sweat control, some formulations may include ingredients that help improve underarm skin texture and tone. However, they are not typically designed to target underarm discoloration and darkness directly. To specifically address these concerns, consider using specialized skincare products formulated for underarm pigmentation or consulting with a dermatologist for personalized solutions.

    How do I incorporate the radiance boost duo into my skincare routine?

    You can seamlessly incorporate the radiance boost duo into your skincare routine by following these steps:
    Cleanser: Begin with a gentle cleanser to cleanse your face.
    Toner: If toner is part of your routine, apply it after cleansing.
    Serum: Use the advanced brightening serum and skin tightening face serum from the radiance boost duo. Apply these serums before other serums if you use additional ones in your regimen.
    Moisturizer: Apply your regular moisturizer to maintain skin hydration.
    Sunscreen: Finish your morning routine with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30, especially when using products that target uneven skin tone.
    This sequence ensures that the active ingredients in the serums penetrate your skin effectively. Always adhere to the specific product instructions and consider your skin's unique needs and sensitivities when incorporating these products.

    How long does it typically take to see results from these skincare products for uneven skin tone?

    The timeline to see results from skincare products for uneven skin tone can vary depending on factors like the severity of the unevenness and the formulation of the product. Generally, you may start noticing improvements in skin tone and texture after several weeks of consistent use. However, achieving significant and lasting results often requires several months of continuous use. Patience and consistency are key when addressing uneven skin tone. Always follow the product's usage instructions and incorporate daily sunscreen application to protect your skin and maximize the effectiveness of the products.

    Are these products suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin?

    While vitamin C brightening serums and face serums for pigmentation are generally suitable for various skin types, it's essential to consider individual sensitivities. Some ingredients, such as vitamin C or exfoliating agents, may cause irritation in sensitive skin. Conduct a patch test before applying these products to your face, and if you're new to them, start with lower concentrations.