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Benefits of Ceramide Moisturizer. How to use it? Is it safe?

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  • Ceramide is a lipid naturally secreted by the epidermis.
  • Ceramide products provide deep nourishment to the epidermis.
  • Ceramide creams protect your epidermis against dermal infections.
  • Ceramide abundance ensures your epidermis stays moisturized.
  • Ceramide cream helps relieve allergic reactions.
  • Topical ceramide products are non-toxic and safe for your skin.

Introduction On Ceramide

Ceramide is a vital supplement that our body needs for healthy skin. Although naturally secreted, it decreases with aging, leading to dull skin and an infection-prone epidermis.

Clinical research suggests patients with eczema and psoriasis issues have lower ceramide content. Besides, topical ceramide application helps soothe the affected epidermis, making it resistant to infections.

benefits of ceramide moisturizer: ceramide overview

Ceramide: An Overview

The human epidermis secretes ceramide as a substituent fat making up nearly 40% of the skin surface. Made of sphingosine, it helps seal skin pores entrap moisture, and imparts protection against pathogenic infections.

Ceramide is a chief ingredient present in skin repair creams in India for its skin barrier properties. Ceramide-based creams, moisturizers, and toners enhance skin rejuvenation, restoring the natural ceramide content in the skin.

reasons and benefits of ceramide moisturizer

Benefits of Ceramide Moisturizer

Here's a list of benefits that explain why ceramide based skin repair cream in India is the best choice for your skin texture:

  • Improves skin texture through the restoration of the epidermis
  • Locks skin pores to keep moisture in, letting the outer surface stay hydrated.
  • Using ceramide hyaluronic acid moisturizer helps restore natural ceramide levels.
  • Reverses dryness of skin, keeping it youthful
  • Helps maintain a clean and toned face.
  • Ceramide products are effective against skin infections (bacteria, fungal, virus) allergic reactions and have anti-aging properties.
  • Keeps your epidermis oil-free, preventing clog pores
  • Ceramide imparts a soothing property, helping fight skin irritation.

Patients with acute dermal problems like eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc., have less than optimum ceramide levels in their epidermis. Applying moisturizer with ceramide and hyaluronic acid embalms the affected skin surfaces, minimizing the irritation experienced from itching.

benefits of ceramide moisturizers: ingredients

Benefits Of Ceramide Moisturizer (Cream): What are its Ingredients, and How to Buy it? [Infographic]

Before you buy a ceramide-based skin barrier repair cream in India, do you know of the many types of ceramide? Sphingosine, a derivative of sphingolipid and phytosphingosine, contains natural ceramide. Our skin synthesizes the same, and it's vital for the well-being of the epidermis. Ceramide products comprise nine different ceramides:

Factual Benefits of Ceramide Moisturizer

While buying ceramide products, make sure they contain the mentioned ingredients. Buy ceramide products only sold in opaque and solid containers since ceramide is prone to react when exposed to intense sunlight. Also, stick with ceramide moisturizers without parabens as active ingredients.

Benefits Of Ceramide Moisturizers-How to Apply Them

Ceramide Moisturizers: How to Apply Them?

Use your moisturizer with ceramide and hyaluronic acid according to your skincare routine. As it's a natural ingredient, it's suitable for all skin types. However, patients having acne issues must specifically try ceramide moisturizer for oily skin.

You can either apply a day cream after a bath or a night cream before going to bed. The former helps retain moisture while the latter prevents loss of moisture.

If using a ceramide-based cleanser, apply twice daily in proportion. Besides that, apply the moisturizer before SPF cream while stepping out under the sun. Ceramide shows its effectiveness as an active ingredient in SPF creams.

benefits of ceramide moisturizer, who should use it

Ceramide Moisturizer: Who Should Use it?

Ceramide-based products provide complete nutrition for your skin, making them skin-friendly and suitable for daily skincare. Ceramide moisturizers are a proven skin barrier repair cream in India for people dealing with various dermal issues. You can apply them for:

  • Normal skincare routine
  • Treating excessive dry skin and dehydrated skin issues
  • Treating roughness of skin from aging
  • Treating skin infections (fungal, bacterial, viral)
  • Repairing acne-prone skin, breaking of skin, and healing skin barrier (stratum corneum) post-surgery
  • Fighting inflammation on sensitive skin
  • Repairing irritated skin cells
  • Soothing skin tone and providing rich skin hydration
  • Repairing compromised skin barriers

Ceramide Moisturizer CTA

Are you using ceramide products for the first time? Get a recommendation from a board-certified dermatologist when buying the best ceramide moisturizers in India.

benefits of ceramide moisturizers & alternative supplements for ceramide moisturizer

Ceramide Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer and its Alternative Supplements

Eating ceramide-rich food supplements gets your body deep nourishment. Besides using ceramide-based skin products, digestion plays a vital role in maintaining ceramide levels. It's necessary to consume food items rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids. Also, using bio-fortified food oil enhances natural ceramide secretion.

Consume the following in sufficient quantities:

  • Wheat germ cells
  • Egg and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage)

Regularly applying moisturizer with ceramide and hyaluronic acid replenishes the epidermis from outside. Hyaluronic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Secreted naturally, it eases inflammation and irritated skin when present above pa


benefits of ceramide moisturizer for your skin

Ceramide Moisturizer and the Skin Barrier

The human body is multi-layered, divided across the endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. The epidermis or outer skin comprises hair strands, and the stratum corneum lies in a layered manner. Ceramide proliferates natural growth and tightens pores to conserve skin moisture, ensuring proper skin hydration.

The lack of sufficient ceramide affects the skin's natural protective barrier. It leads to a rapid loss of moisture, making the dehydrated skin appear dry. In addition, lack of necessary nutrition affects the skin's natural lipid barrier, which is responsible for the synthesis of natural ceramide.

Why Do the Skin's Protective Layers Experience Ceramide Loss: All about benefits of ceramide moisturizer

Why Do the Skin's Protective Layers Experience Ceramide Loss?

The epidermis experiences ceramide loss due to the following:

Benefits Of Ceramide Moisturizers: Nutritional Deficiency
  1. Nutritional Deficiency

Lack of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin E in the diet affects the normal skin texture. These deficiencies also affect natural lipids and fatty acids, further lowering ceramide formation.

  1. Age Factor

Ceramide loss is a natural process, but its imbalance begins in the early thirties. It affects the protective layer, triggering excess trans-epidermal water loss, degrading the healthy epidermis in normal to dry skin.

  1. Skin Problems

Natural ceramide secretion gets affected during skin infections. People having the following skin types experience low ceramide in their skin:

  • Acne-prone skin
  • Flaky skin
  • Excessive oily skin
  • Patchy skin
  • Combination skin (having one or more types of mentioned skin)
Ceramide Moisturizer: Why Use Ceramide Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer?

Why Use Ceramide Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer?

Ceramide and hyaluronic acid are vital macromolecules naturally secreted in the body. Both help develop a healthy skin barrier, which ensures hydrated skin.

Ceramide complex with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) provides deep conditioning of the epidermis. Both lock moisture in, preventing clogged pores and keeping the protective skin barrier healthy.

Hyaluronic acid also acts as a lubricant for joints and fluid cushion in tissues. It enhances speedy healing of injury, besides lowering inflammation and reducing pain.

Benefits of Ceramide Moisturizer. How to use it? Is it safe?

How Safe is Ceramide Moisturizer?

Ceramide accommodates all skin types, making it safe for cosmetic products. Certified safe by the FDA, it also improves skin conditions for all skin types. A board-certified dermatologist suggests checking for allergic tolerance when using it for the first time.

Apply some ceramide cream behind the earlobe or on the wrist as a test. Allergic patients will experience immediate inflammation and severe skin irritation.

In addition, use fragrance-free moisturizers if you are allergic to artificial essence. Also, ensure that you use ceramide moisturizer without paraben. The latter can trigger acute dermal problems when applied to sensitive skin.

faqs on benefits of ceramide moisturizers

Most Asked Questions on Ceramide Moisturizer

  1. What is ceramide moisturizer?

A moisturizing cream where ceramide is an active ingredient. Ceramide helps treat sensitive skin, locks moisture, and repairs the protective barrier to tighten skin pores.

  1. Do you need ceramide in a moisturizer?

Ceramide moisturizers impart enhanced moisture trapping through a natural mechanism. The presence of ceramide heals acne-prone skin types and adds beneficial fatty acids necessary for keeping your skin surface hydrated. Apply moisturizers after cleansing and toning to maintain a neutral skin tone.

  1. Is ceramide cream a moisturizer?

Ceramide-rich cream is not a moisturizer. However, it lubricates the skin surface, reducing the chances of abrasion or scratches. The presence of ceramide nourishes the epidermis, trapping moisture because of its oil base. Those with oily skin should use it adequately to prevent greasiness.

  1. What type of moisturizer is ceramide?

Ceramide moisturizers contain artificially incorporated ceramide (phytoceramide) used to replenish the deficiency of natural ceramide. It has anti-aging properties, besides imparting deep nourishment, locking in moisture, and shielding the epidermis against harmful effects of pollution and pathogenic invasion.

Social Media Testimonials on Ceramide-Based Moisturizers

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Benefits of Ceramide Moisturizer: To Conclude

Ceramide is the new ambrosia for flawless skin. Safe to use for all skin tones, ceramide products help impart complete skincare.

Not sure where to start on your ceramide journey? Visit Chemist at Play, dedicated to bringing you the best ceramide moisturizers in India.

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