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The Only Skincare Products You Need to Keep Oil Secretion in Check

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Hormonal stimulation of sebaceous glands leads to oily skin and the excess oil clusters certain areas of our face, clog pores, and make it look oily and dull.

  • By opting for the right face routine for oily skin, you can control excess oil production and keep your skin looking radiant and youthful.

  • Oily, acne-prone skin needs way more than just a regular cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. To control excess sebum production from oil glands, ingredients like green tea, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and various other essential oils are a must.

  • Your daily skin care routine for oily skin must incorporate natural ingredients as well as the right chemical ingredients to tame increased oil production.

  • By incorporating products like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc. into your oily skincare regimen, you will be able to unclog pores, keep acne breakouts in control, and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores as well.


Achieving perfect skin isn't something one can do overnight.

If you are someone who has oily or combination skin and deal with acne, dullness, and other skin issues regularly, it's pretty normal for you to think that there's no way out to achieve the 'perfect skin'.

Well, it's not possible to keep your skin looking 'perfect' all the time if you have a busy schedule, but with the proper face routine for oily skin, you can improve the texture and quality of your skin way faster.

In this article, you will find some of the most effective ways to keep oil secretion in check and learn about the best skin care products in India for oily skin.

What Causes Oily Skin?

best skincare products for oily skin: What Causes Oily Skin

Having oily skin isn't something you should be worried about. Everyone has natural oils on their skin. In fact, having oily skin can be beneficial because you will notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles on your skin as you age.

The sebaceous glands present in your skin produce natural oils to keep your skin hydrated. However, the trouble begins when your skin starts producing excess sebum. That's when you notice dullness, greasiness, acne breakouts, and a little extra shine in your face's t-zone.

Here are all the seven causes of oily skin you need to know.


Experts say that most people have oily skin because it runs in their families. If one of your parents has oily skin, you are very likely to have the same.


It has been proven that our skin produces fewer sebums as we start to age. That's the reason why older people have dry skin. Other than dry skin, they start noticing fine lines and wrinkles too.

Therefore, if you have oily skin in your teens and late 20s, you may not have the same skin composition once you reach your 30s.


Apart from genetics and age, the place you live also plays an effective role in the determination of your skin type.

For example, if you live in a place with a humid climate, you will have a high chance of having oily skin. India is a hot and humid country and that's why the skin types of most people living here are oily and combined.

Enlarged Pores

Your skin pores can stretch out because of aging, fluctuation of weight, and previous acne issues. Keeping your enlarged pores untreated can lead to severe oil production.

Therefore, the best way to cope with this is to tighten your pores with toners, salicylic acid, and other skincare products.

Wrong Skin Care Routine while using best skin care products in india for oily skin

Wrong Skin Care Routine

We all have different types of skin, and each of them needs to be treated differently. Oily skin requires facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that help with oil balance and remove excess oil. If you have oily skin and use products that are a part of a dry skin care routine, you are very likely to be disappointed.

Dry skin requires products that provide deep hydration whereas oily skin requires products that are gel-based, water-based, and lightweight. Using products that are not meant for your skin will only lead to more oil production that will result in acne prone skin and more damage.

overdoing skincare with best skin care products in india for oily skin

Overdoing Skin Care

Being consistent with your skincare routine is a great habit that results in youthful and radiant-looking skin. But, you must know when to stop because overdoing skincare can lead to skin problems too. Too much cleansing and exfoliation are bad for all skin types, especially oily skin types.

Most people with oily skin think that washing their face multiple times a day is the best way to keep their skin from looking greasy. The truth is that when you wash your face multiple times a day, you cause the sebaceous glands of your skin to produce more natural oils than usual. Therefore, it is always recommended by experts to perform your skincare routine only twice a day.

Your morning skincare routine for oily skin should include cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and application of a thick layer of sun protection. And your evening skincare routine should include cleansing, toning, chemical exfoliation, and moisturization for glowing and youthful skin.

  1. Skipping Moisturizer

So many people with oily skin types tend to believe that they don't need moisturizer because their skin is already moisturized enough with the natural oils. If you use chemical exfoliators while performing your evening skincare routine, it's necessary for you to moisturize once you are done. Cutting off moisturizer from your skincare routine will lead to dry skin and this will confuse the skin cells to produce more natural oil.

The ideal moisturizers for oily skin are the ones that are gel-based or water-based, and lightweight. Apart from that, you should also never avoid wearing sunscreen because doing that will allow your skin to dry out and this is also one of the reasons why your skin produces excess sebum.

Skin Rules: Oily Skin Care Tips You Need To Follow

best skin care products in india for oily skin that you need to use

As previously mentioned, all skin types are different and all of them require special care for a healthy glow.

Having oily skin isn't something you should be worried about. In fact, your oily skin will hide signs of aging when you reach your 30s.

Therefore, it's safe to say that oily-skinned individuals do have some perks. However, there are some skincare rules you must always follow to make the most of your oily, glowing skin.

Here are some of the most valuable tips that will help you achieve flawless skin quicker.

Keep Those Pores in Check

Excess oil production reaches its peak when your pores are enlarged. Pores generally enlarge because of aging, weight fluctuation, and various other reasons. If left untreated, you will soon notice blackheads and whiteheads around your nose area. Regular exfoliation is the best way to prevent such skin issues.

If you want faster and more effective results, consider salicylic acid your best friend. With regular use of salicylic acid, you will see that your pores have tightened. Make sure to use it in your evening skin care routine only to get the best results. You can also use zinc oxide to tighten your pores.

It has been proven that these ingredients also help fight acne and provide good skin health.

Consume Adequate Amounts of Vitamin C and E Daily

Consume Adequate Amounts of Vitamin C and E Daily for oily skin

Your job doesn't end after incorporating the right products for face routine for oily skin. You must also eat a balanced diet that consists of enough Vitamin C and E. Doing this will help to increase collagen production in your body and collagen will not only help you with excess oil control but also give you a plump look.

Consume an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables every single day to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Use Sulfate-Free Face Washes

Sulfate-free face washes should be your top pick to combat oily skin because they penetrate the pores of your facial skin and remove excess oil that clogs your pores. As a result, you get rid of blackheads and get fresh and healthy skin with regular usage.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Doing makeup is a fun and enjoyable process but not all of us worry about the way wearing makeup can be a nightmare for our skin. Specific skin concerns occur when someone doesn't sanitize their makeup products on a regular basis.

Always make sure to thoroughly wash your makeup brushes once or twice a week. This will not only ensure zero breakouts from makeup products but also make the makeup products work better on your skin.

Carefully Pick Multi-Tasking and Skin-Loving Base Makeup Products

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly to for oily skin

Just like picking products for your skin care routine, you must be careful while choosing makeup products and only choose the ones that work best for your skin type.

Having a foundation that is the perfect match to your skin tone, or having a kajal or eyeliner that doesn't smudge and comes with anti inflammatory properties is all you need from the beauty industry. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid constant testing and trying new products when a certain product works magically with your skim type.

Drink Lots of Water

Beauty comes from within when we take good care of our bodies. So, apart from having a balanced diet, we should also watch our water intake. Just by increasing your water intake, you can improve the quality and texture of your skin. Make a habit of drinking 2 liters of water each day and your skin will thank you later.

Avoid Acne with Trusted Natural Skincare Hacks

Avoid Acne with Trusted Natural Skincare Hacks

Acne is one of the most serious skin issues that people with oily skin have to go through. One of the main reasons behind this is hormonal changes. Hormonal changes generally come with age and result in acne and breakouts in the adolescent years. This problem can be tamed with a regular care routine for oily skin.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, green tea extracts, and rose water are ideal for treating oily skin when acne occurs. Home remedies using aloe vera, tea tree oil, and other similar ingredients have shown effective results for numerous people with oily skin all over the world.

Invest in Blotting Papers

One of the biggest issues that people with oily skin face is excessive oil production.

It's not always possible to wash off the excess oil as too much cleansing isn't ideal. For those times, it's highly recommended to invest in blotting paper as it removes excess oil.

A single piece of blotting paper has non greasy formulas and can absorb excess oil on your skin like magic. Especially if you are outside and you're wearing makeup that can't be fully washed off immediately, blotting papers are the biggest savior.

Use Face Masks Regularly

Face masks are a must for oily skin because they not only cleanse the skin thoroughly but also make sure that your skin does not dry out. Your skin gets the right amount of nourishment every time you use a face mask.

You can incorporate a DIY face mask with natural ingredients into your skincare routine or can simply pick a face mask that goes with your skin type. Sheet masks are also a great way to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Exfoliating face masks are ideal to get rid of dead skin cells effectively.

The Best Oily Skin Care Products in India for Youthful Skin

best skin care products in india for oily skin

As previously mentioned, India is a hot and humid country, and to deal with this climate, individuals with oily skin need products that work wonders for their skin.

Other than the basic Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine, you must incorporate chemical exfoliators, and other topical ingredients like niacinamide, ceramide, etc. It has been proven that niacinamide builds a protective barrier against environmental damage to keep our skin healthy. So, apart from following your basic skincare routine, make sure to give niacinamide serums and chemical exfoliators like salicylic acid a go.

Also make sure that the products you use for oily skin are made with natural extracts like rose water, aloe vera, etc. because they are the ideal ingredients for oily skin types. Witch hazel is also a wonderful ingredient that removes excess oil from oily skin. Choose your skincare products wisely and the result does not take long to become visible.

Conclusion best skin care products in India for oily skin

Oily skin is special because even though it makes you go through so much when you're in your teens and early 2os, you see its benefits when you reach your 30s. So, learning to love your skin the way it is important before searching for daily skin care routine at home India. Opting for brands that produces dermatologically tested products, such as Chemist at Play is a smart choice if you want shortcuts to achieve the skin you always dreamt of.

FAQs On best skin care products in India for oily skin

How do I stop oil secretion on my face?

You cannot fully stop oil secretion on your face but you can control it to an extent by washing your face twice a day with a sulfate-free cleanser, regular toning, and moisturizing with a water-based or gel-based moisturizer. Chemical exfoliants are also very effective to keep oil secretion in control.

What skincare products are actually necessary?

Other than a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, niacinamide serums, and natural ingredients like witch hazel is essential for oily skin because they help to fight acne and keep excess oil production in control.

How do I make sure my face doesn't get oily throughout the day?

You need to wash your face twice a day and be regular with using niacinamide serums and chemical exfoliants to ensure that your face doesn't get oily throughout the day. When your face does get oily, an easy and effective way to fix that is to use blotting paper to achieve oil free look.

What products should oily skin use?

Natural skin care routine for oily skin is the best way to achieve healthy and hydrated skin with ease. Chemical products like salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide acid serum, etc are also important to keep pores clean and prevent acne.

Why is my face secreting so much oil?

There are various reasons behind oil secretion and one of the most common ones is enlarged pores which are caused by weight fluctuations, aging, and acne.

Does oily skin need a moisturizer?

It's a must for oily skin to use moisturizers because they will keep the oil secretion from your skin in check.

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