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Concerns : Large Pores

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    What causes enlarged pores, and can skincare products really help reduce their appearance?

    Enlarged pores are typically caused by excess oil production, genetics, aging, and the accumulation of debris. While skincare products can't permanently change pore size, they can significantly reduce their appearance. Face serums for pigmentation, like our azelaic acid and niacinamide serum, and vitamin C brightening face serums are designed to promote a more even complexion. These products work to refine skin texture, which can make pores look less noticeable over time.

    How does a hydrating face serum help with large pores?

    A hydrating face serum, such as our hydrating face serum, indirectly assists with large pores by improving overall skin health. Hydrated skin tends to look plumper and smoother, which can reduce the prominence of pores. While it won't directly shrink pores, a hydrating serum helps maintain skin moisture balance, contributing to a more refined complexion.

    What is included in the Radiance Boost Duo, and how can it benefit my skin with large pores?

    Our Radiance Boost Duo typically includes a vitamin C brightening face serum and a complementary product, such as a fluid body sunscreen. The vitamin C serum is designed to target pigmentation, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of pores. The fluid body sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which can worsen pore visibility. Together, these products promote a radiant complexion and can help make large pores less noticeable.

    How long does it typically take to see results in reducing the appearance of large pores with these products?

    Results in reducing the appearance of large pores can vary among individuals. Generally, you may begin to notice improvements after several weeks of consistent use. However, achieving significant results may take several months of continuous skincare. Consistency is key, and it's crucial to follow the product's usage instructions. Don't forget to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from further damage, which can exacerbate pore visibility.

    Are these products suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin?

    While vitamin C brightening serums and face serums for pigmentation are generally suitable for various skin types, it's essential to consider individual sensitivities. Some ingredients, such as vitamin C or exfoliating agents, may cause irritation in sensitive skin. Conduct a patch test before applying these products to your face, and if you're new to them, start with lower concentrations.