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The Science of Protection: Understanding SPF in SunScoop Sunscreens

With the rising temperature and interruption of UV rays, protecting your skin becomes even more important and this is where sunscreen comes into the limelight. Thus, understanding the science behind sun protection is crucial for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. SunScoop: the brand that’s dedicated to providing the best quality solution for sun protection, can be your perfect partner to tackle those pesky sun rays. 

Before moving further, let’s go through the science of SPF and then explore how SunScoop SPF sunscreens work.

What is SPF?

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is a measure of how effectively a sunblock for body & face protects the skin from UVB rays, the type of radiation responsible for sunburn and skin damage. The number associated with SPF indicates the level of protection: the higher the SPF, the greater the protection.


How Sunscreen Works?

Let us now know more about the working of sunscreens:

  1. UVB and UVA Protection:

SunScoop sunscreens offer broad-spectrum protection, guarding against both UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays primarily cause sunburn, while UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, contributing to premature ageing.

  1. Active Ingredients:

SunScoop sunscreens utilise advanced formulations, including mineral-based and invisible sunscreen options. Mineral sunscreens use non-nano zinc oxide to create a physical barrier, reflecting and scattering UV rays. Invisible sunscreens contain UV filters that absorb UV radiation, converting it into harmless heat.

  1. Balancing Act:

SunScoop finds the perfect balance between efficacy and user experience. Whether you choose the glow sunscreen for luminous skin, the hydrating sunscreen for dry skin, or the matte finish sunscreen for a shine-free look, SunScoop sunscreens prioritise both protection and skin comfort.

Choosing the Right SPF

There are certain specifications that you should look forward to when choosing the correct SPF for your skin. Scroll down to see the tips:

  1. Consider Skin Type:

Whatever your skin type, you should always opt for a higher SPF of 30 or higher. 

  1. Activity Level:

If you're engaging in outdoor activities or spending extended periods in the sun, choose a higher SPF for added protection. SunScoop offers options suitable for various lifestyles, ensuring you're covered during outdoor adventures or everyday routines.

  1. Reapplication Factor:

Keep in mind that sunscreen effectiveness diminishes over time. Hence, reapply it every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating.

Application Tips for Maximum Protection

Here are some of the application tips that would help you in getting maximum protection from sun rays…

  1. Apply Generously:

Don't skimp on sunscreen. Use enough to cover all exposed skin, ensuring you achieve the level of protection indicated by the SPF.

  1. Cover Often Neglected Areas:

Remember to apply sunscreen to commonly overlooked areas, such as the ears, neck, hands, and the tops of your feet. SunScoop sunscreens offer even coverage for comprehensive protection.

  1. Layering with Other Products:

SunScoop sunscreens play well with other skincare products. Apply your favourite moisturizer or makeup over the sunscreen for a seamless and protected finish.

SPF Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths regarding SPF that need to be debunked. Here are some of them…

Myth 1: Higher SPF Provides All-Day Protection

Fact: Regardless of SPF, sunscreen effectiveness diminishes over time. Therefore, regular reapplication is necessary for consistent protection.

Myth 2: Dark Skin Doesn't Need Sunscreen

Fact: While darker skin tones have more natural protection, everyone benefits from sunscreen. SunScoop sunscreens cater to all skin types, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Myth 3: Sunscreen is Only for Sunny Days

Fact: UV rays penetrate clouds, making sun protection essential even on cloudy days. 

Sunscreen and Skin Health

Let’s go through how sunscreen and skin health are related to each other…

  1. Preventing Premature Ageing:

SunScoop's Invisible sunscreen for face and body helps prevent premature ageing by blocking UVA rays, which contribute to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity.

  1. Reducing Skin Cancer Risk:

Regular use of sunscreens aids in reducing the risk of skin cancer by protecting against UVB rays, the primary cause of sunburn and a significant contributor to skin cancer development.

  1. Maintaining Even Skin Tone:

SunScoop's invisible sunscreen options help maintain an even skin tone by preventing sun-induced hyperpigmentation. 


Understanding the science of SPF is the first step towards achieving effective sun protection and maintaining healthy skin. Innovist's SunScoop sunscreens combine cutting-edge formulations with a variety of options to cater to different skin needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the hydrating sunscreen for dry skin, the glow sunscreen for luminosity, or the matte finish sunscreen for a shine-free look, SunScoop has you covered. Hence, make sunscreen a daily essential, and let SunScoop by Innovist be your trusted companion on the journey to healthy, radiant skin. Be it sunscreens, sunsticks, or sunscreen body lotions containing SPF, SunScoop has sun solutions for everyone as per their preference. Try it yourself and see how it works.

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