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Things you have been doing that damage your hair: Causes and what to avoid

Did you know that there are so many things that you most commonly do, without knowing how much damage they are causing to your hair everyday? From your diet to stress to your habits of managing your hair incorrectly all are affecting your hair in some way. Let’s know all these causes and what all you can do.


Your Diet that damage your hair

What you eat is what you are! Not only your skin or body, but the quality of your diet also determines the quality of your hair. At the same time, deficiency of certain nutrients damage your hair in the long run.

What you should do?

Have a balanced diet rich in plenty of proteins, zinc, iron and Vitamin D.

Have plenty of water or other fluids (at least 2-3 liters)

What you should never do?    

Have too much of junk food or fatty foods.


Stress can take a toll not only on your health, but can also be one of the causes for dry damaged hair. Severe stress can make the hair follicles go in the resting phase earlier than they should, and hence leads to breakage

Stress that damage your hair

What you should do?

Manage your stress timely and efficiently.

Visit a doctor in case of excessive hair fall to find the underlying cause

What you should never do?

Overthink unnecessarily.

Be ignorant about your stress levels for a long time.


Dryness that damage your hair

Hot weather, humid climate, lack of moisture and washing with hot water, all contribute in dryness of hair that ultimately leads not only to frizzy hair but also hair fall.

What you should do?

Use cold or warm water to wash hair.

Always use a conditioner after shampooing.

What you should NEVER do?

Wash hair with hot water.


Heat Styling that damage your hair

Hair dryers, straightening rods, curling rods etc are commonly used equipment by women these days. As much as they style and make you hair look better, application of these on a regular basis can damage hair. Excessive heat can damage hair cuticles and may lead to dryness, dullness and brittleness of hair.

What you should do?

Try to minimise use of heat styling tools.

In case you can’t do that, always use a heat protectant before using them.

Use on low heat setting.

What you should never do?

Use hair dryer too often. (Let your hair air dry instead)



Your hair need gentle care and any rough or vigorous rubbing might damage hair, especially when wet. Just after you wash your hair, they are at their weakest and hence rubbing them harshly with a towel increase their frizz and breakage.

What you should do?

Squeeze out excess water using a towel.

Wrap your hair with the towel to dry remaining wetness.

Let your hair air dry.

What you should never do?

Rub your hair harshly with a towel.

Pat on hair with force using a towel.


Not Trimming Often that damage your hair

Most women have an urge to grow their hair long. And a common myth is to avoid haircuts to keep them growing. Well, on the contrary, not getting a haircut leads to split ends which travel up the entire length of hair causing breakage.

What you should do?

Get a haircut or hair trimming after every 8-10 weeks.


INAPPROPRIATE BRUSHING that damage your hair

You might have heard that brushing your hair as much as possible is best for your hair. Contrarily, over brushing your hair leads to hair damage. Restrict your temptation to brush your hair unnecessarily and you will find the difference.

What you should do?

Brush or comb your hair only after washing or while styling hair.

Try to use a wide toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to prevent breakage.

What you should never do?

Comb wet hair. (Instead comb dry or damp hair)



Applying hair products that have sulphates, paraben and alcohol are one of the major causes for chemically damaged hair. They lead to dryness of hair causing breakage. At Bare Anatomy, we create hair friendly products that are free of these chemicals and completely organic.

What you should do?

Apply homemade hair masks

Alternatively, you can use organic products for hair breakage repair. The products to use for stopping hair breakage are the ones free of above mentioned chemicals.


TIGHT HAIRSTYLES that damage your hair

Hair ties are a girl’s best friend as they really come handy on days when you have a time crunch, or when you are having a bad hair day or just simply because you don’t want too much hair around your face. But these hair ties can tightly pull your hair from the root when tied up in a ponytail or bun. The stretch on hair for longer durations may weaken hair and lead to hair-fall.

What you should do?

Avoid hairstyles that require tying up tightly.

Even if you have to tie your hair, try to keep it loose.

What you should never do?

Keep hair pulled up for a long time.

Our hair require a little extra care and just small changes in some habits adapted by us. Because it’s the small things that bring a big change! And this is the change that you’ll surely love.

Find hair-friendly organic products customized for you.

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