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How To Use Hair Serums? Experts Tell You

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  • hair serum can smooth, soften, and shield the hair from environmental aggressors.

  • Regular usage of hair serums can help treat dry and damaged hair.

  • Apply serum every day to control frizz and provide moisture to your hair.

  • Applying a coat of serum before heat styling is the best way to protect hair from breakage and unwanted frizz.

  • Replace your hairspray with a hair serum to tame flyaways and achieve a sleek look for a longer period of time.

What Is A Hair Serum And How It Improves Your Hair?

hair serum meaning

Just like skin, your hair too needs to be protected from humidity, dryness, and various other damaging environmental factors. Hair serums serve that purpose.

A hair serum coats your hair to provide day long protection from heat, humidity, dryness, and other environmental aggressors. By using a serum directly on damp hair after a shower, you also add shine to the hair. You can also use it as a pre-styling treatment or a finishing product to add shine.

Hair serum can be a replacement for your hairspray because it comes with added benefits. A small amount of hair serum not only protects the hair from environmental stressors but also provides hydration. In fact, regular application of a nourishing hair serum can result in thicker, healthier hair.

Difference Between Hair Serum and Hair Oil

hair serum vs hair oil

This has been a topic of debate for years but the answer is very simple - serum is a styling product and oil is a hair care product. Both oils and serums are equally important for the perfect haircare routine. By using hair oil once a week, you can give necessary nourishment to your scalp and hair.

Make sure that you apply the oil evenly, in a pressing motion, all over your scalp and hair. Similarly, in the case of serums, you must make sure that the product evenly reaches all your hair strands. Just avoid the scalp and you are good to go. When it comes to serums, it's best if you consistently use them because that's what will help prevent frizz.

The key difference between serums and oils is that serums have a lighter formula than hair oils.

Is Hair Serum Necessary for Hair?

Most people don't make it a priority to invest in a hair serum, but it's high time we all understand that hair serums are a must for your hair. Hair serums protect your hair from environmental damage and keep it nourished. Just like we use SPF before stepping out in the sun, coating your hair with a hair serum works the same way. You will not only protect the hair from damage but will also give it the nourishment and shine it needs.

You can tell whether your hair needs a coat of serum just by giving your hair a quick glance. If you notice that your hair appears dull and dry, it's time to use the hair serum. If you find a lot of tangles while brushing your hair, take it as a sign to add a small amount of serum to your hair strands.

Prep Your Hair Before Serum Application

To help the hair serum work its magic, you must prepare your hair before the serum application. Before you apply the serum to your hair, make sure to give your hair a good wash because the whole point of applying the serum is protecting the hair from dirt and pollution. The serum won't work well if you apply it to dry, dirty hair.

One more thing to consider is the shampoo and conditioner that you use. Try to choose a haircare range that incorporates a serum too, so all the products that you use on your hair work well together.

How to Use Hair Serum: Do's and Don'ts

To help the product reach full efficiency, you must ensure that you are using it correctly. There are right and wrong ways to use your hair serum. Here are all the things you should keep in mind before coating your hair with a hair serum.


Don't: Apply Serum to Your Roots

One of the worst mistakes you can make is applying hair serum to your roots. The roots are meant to be avoided because that results in greasy hair and if there's too much product buildup in the scalp, you may also start losing hair.

Don't: Apply To Unwashed Hair

Make sure to avoid applying hair serum on unwashed strands, that stops the hair serum from showing its benefits. Unwashed hair may be covered in dust particles and applying hair serum on top of that traps the dust, making your hair even more dirty.

Don't: Apply Hair Serum Right Away

Just because it is advised to wash your hair before serum application doesn't mean that you have to apply the serum immediately after washing your hair. After a shower, use a towel to remove the excess water from your strands let them air dry for a couple of minutes. Then gently apply the serum on your hair so that it spreads all over the hair easily.

Don't: Use Too Much on Fine Hair

It is often heard that serums don't work on fine hair. The truth is, you have to understand how much you should use if you have fine hair. If you use too much hair serum, you will end up with oily hair. Use only one to two pumps depending on your hair length, and texture.


way to apply hair serum

Do: Know Your Hair Type And Hair Goals

Before you purchase a serum, understand your hair type and hair concerns. Different types of hair require serums that are formulated with different properties. A serum that works for curls may not work for straight or wavy hair.If you find it a bit hard to understand which product is 'the one' for you, consider taking a hair quiz at Bare Anatomy.

This will save you so much time and you will no longer have to wonder if the hair serum you have selected is perfect for you. And with regular usage of the hair serum, you will achieve your hair goals.

Do: Apply The Serum To The Ends

The prime difference between an oil and a serum is that the serum is meant to be used only on the ends. So, always focus on the ends of your hair while using your serum to fix split ends and add moisture to your strands.

application of hair serum

Do: Apply on a Clean Scalp

Always remember that the main purpose of a serum is to protect your hair from heat, dust, pollution, and other environmental aggressors. Thoroughly clean your scalp with your shampoo and dry the hair with a towel. After a couple of minutes, take the serum on your palms and apply on damp hair. Choose your shampoo as per your concern or need, like you can try anti hair fall shampoo for hair fall control or anti dandruff shampoo for dandruff control.

Do: Use Serum To Control Unruly Strands

Styling hair can be quite a task sometimes, especially when you have unruly, frizzy hair. Bid goodbye to that struggle by using a tiny amount of hair serum on your hair, focusing on those strands. Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair after the serum application to distribute the product evenly and you will see how much of a difference it makes.

how does hair serum protect your hair from heat

Do: Heat Protect With It

Using styling tools like flat iron and curling wand can result in damaged hair. To minimise the damage, do use hair serum as a heat protectant. Plus, you will notice a shine to your hair after styling if you use a serum beforehand.

Do: Use Hair Serum to Tame Unruly Frizz and Flyaways

As previously mentioned, a good hair serum can be the perfect alternative to hairspray. By taking a small amount of serum on your fingertips, apply it on the  flyaways after you are done styling your hair. This will keep your hair free from frizz and flyaways, and make it appear shiny and sleek.

Does Hair Serum Cause Side Effects?

There aren't any proven side effects for hair serums, but it is always recommended to take a good look at the ingredients to ensure that it's safe. Do avoid ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Other than that, make sure that you know how much serum you need depending on your hair type, texture, and volume.

Using too much serum results in product buildup on your scalp, making your hair look dull. To ensure safety, go for serums that are dermatologically tested to avoid all sorts of side effects. If you are still unsure about which serum is best for hairget your serum customized based on your hair type and hair goals at Bare Anatomy.

Get dermatologically-tested products to avoid all sorts of side effects

Conclusion On How To Use Hair Serums

Hair serums should be a staple in your haircare routine regardless of your hair type. Doing a patch test before use is always recommended. Pick your hair serum based on your hair type and give your hair the hydration it needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ideal Way to Use Hair Serums Suggested by Experts

  • Can I use hair serum daily?

Serums are not recommended by experts for daily use. Ideally, use it on your wash days to add shine to your hair and protect it from damage.

  • Which is the best hair serum?

The best hair serum is the one that works for your hair. To ensure that, the best way out is getting a hair serum customized for your hair. At Bare Anatomy, you can get serums and all other haircare products tailored to your needs. Or pick one from the EXPERT range that targets your hair concern.

  • When should we apply serum on hair?

Apply hair serum after a few minutes of cleansing and conditioning our hair when the hair is still damp.

  • Can we apply serum on dry hair?

Serums work best when applied to damp hair. Applying on dry hair will make your hair appear dull.

  • How to Apply Hair Serum?

Take a little bit of hair serum onto your palms and let it warm up for 5-6 seconds. Then, apply it to all your hair strands, avoiding the roots.


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