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Should You Be Ordering That Silicone-Based Hair Product?

The awareness about clean and natural beauty is shifting the priorities of the beauty industry for good.

Every day you go online, you find a new option for the same old hair problem but how certain are you that it’s going to work for you? Your hair, my friend, is the

Beyoncé of your life. You give it toxic ingredients, it’ll start looking dull, dusty and dead in no time. You give the right tools and nourishment; it’ll give you back a queen. 

And by now, most of us know that almost all our store-bought products are filled with chemicals that give short-term illusions and long term damage.

So the question becomes, what should we exactly be buying and using. We'll get there too, but first, let's know what's all the deal with silicones.

What Exactly Are Silicones?

The basic buzz is that silicones are a type of polymer that have multiple uses. However, in hair products, they are used to create a protective coat around the hair. It makes hair look smooth, soft and shiny by locking in the moisture and reducing frizz.

Silicone-based hair products are often recommended for curly and coarse hair types as they tame unruly strands and make them more manageable. To sum it up, silicones work like plastic that protect hair by waterproofing each strand for a while.

Water-Soluble Silicones 

These silicones are the ones that dissolve in water, making them the good silicones. They wash off the hair easily without leaving any residue leading to a heavy buildup.

If you wish to use silicone-based hair products, try to look for the ones with PEG as a prefix. It’s one of the most widely used silicone in hair products. It delivers all the promises made by silicone-based hair products without leaving buildup.  It’s lightweight and leaves very little buildup on the hair.

Non-Water-Soluble Silicones 

These are silicones that you cannot remove or penetrate with water. This leads to silicones “sticking” to the hair surface creating a plastic-like film, preventing strands to absorb water, air and nutrients, causing hair damage in the long run.

If you've been using hair care products have non-soluble silicones, you can remove these silicones from the hair shaft by washing with clarifying shampoos otherwise known as shampoos with surfactants. Some non-soluble silicones that are typically found in hair products include ingredients ending with “-cone”

Does Silicone Damage Hair?

We know, we know, you all want your mane to look exactly the way silicones make it look but what if we told you, it’s rather an illusion.

Much like plastic, silicone acts as a sealant against both air and water which prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

Silicones don’t wash out of hair easily. Ever noticed how your hair appear smokey when blow dried at a salon? Yeah, that’s the silicones heating up and burning off your hair.

Silicone isn’t a natural ingredient and its side effects can be bad for your hair. The shine provided by silicone is fake which comes from plastic.

What you’re truly looking for is a natural shine which can be achieved with healthy and hydrated hair. Silicone eventually weighs hair down making it limp, lifeless and dull.

Pros And Cons of Silicone in Hair Products

Interesting fact: Silicones have been a part of the beauty industry since the 1950s. Much like everything else silicone-based products have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are the ones you need to keep on your tips when choosing your hair product.


Silicones do have a bad reputation but still they have been an integral part of beauty products because they’re effective to use. Unlike natural oils, silicones are stable and do not degrade UV light of heat. Such stability is needed to protect hair when you are exposing your hair to a lot of heat from direct sunlight and styling tools.

Silicone-based hair products can make your dull and dry hair look healthy and shiny for some time. Not to mention, they make the detangling process easier.


As silicones are like rubber or plastic, they damage your hair a lot eventually. Silicone-based hair products may solve your problems temporarily but can never be the permanent solution. By using silicone-based products, you are allowing a plastic-like layer to form on your hair which is also keeping the nutrition from getting in. In essence, you might get the shine for a couple of days but over time, it will attract more buildup on the hair, weigh them down and make them dry. This is really unhealthy for your hair in the long run. Due to the lack of moisture, your hair will become brittle and will face issues like frizz and breakage.

Should You Stop Using Silicone-Based Products?

We, as lovers of nature, wouldn’t suggest a hair products loaded with harsh chemicals. We would rather like to draw your attention to all the wonderful options you have in your court to embrace your harmless personalized beauty.

Based on your lifestyle, hair problems and hair type, your needs are very different from the others and we respect that the most at Bare Anatomy.  We have made it super easy for you to go for a life that’s toxin-free. You can avoid all the buildup issues.  

Best hair products based on your hair type.

If you agree to move to a more clean  hair care routine, go ahead and use natural oil-based products. They’ll successfully lock-in the moisture that’s good for your hair.  

#baretip: Keep your hair naturally hydrated by giving them a much-needed oil massage.  

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Hair Product

Now that you lovelies are ready to shop, allow these tips to make you spend right and take you a long way.  

  • Studying the brands and the list of ingredients can prevent you from unintentionally damaging your hair.  


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