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Proven Benefits of Azelaic Acid Serum in Hyperpigmentation

30 Second Summary

  • Found in grains like Wheat, Barley and Rye, Azelaic Acid is a natural ingredient!
  • Azelaic Acid, though acidic in nature, is deemed safe for almost all skin types.
  • The comedolytic nature of Azelaic Acid helps keep the skin pores clean.
  • Azelaic Acid works towards the treatment of hormonal acne as well as cystic acne.
  • Azelaic Acid helps reduce the effects of rosacea to a significant extent.

Alexa! Take off my Hyperpigmentation, please!!

How quick and convenient life would be, if this was a possibility? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case yet. But, don’t let yourself get deterred just yet!

Do you know? One ingredient that is not often spoken about, but is equally effective, and in some cases even better than several others for removal the treatment of Hyperpigmentation is Azelaic Acid. It is an FDA-approved skincare ingredient that is utilized to treat skin issues like acne and rosacea.

It is antibacterial in nature, which means that it kills bacteria and removes the reasons that cause acne and rosacea from the root itself. Not just that, it also exfoliates dead skin cells and prevents blackheads and whiteheads from forming again.

benefits of 10% azelaic acid serum for most skin types

Why Azelaic Acid For Most Skin Types?

The capabilities of Azelaic Acid don’t stop there. It also lightens acne scars and melasma and the anti-inflammatory properties of Azelaic Acid help it treat rosacea and redness in the skin. Although Azelaic Acid is a strong acid in nature, it is quite gentle on the skin as well as safe for most skin types.

That said, if your skin is particularly sensitive, we recommend doing a patch test at the back of your arm, and wait 24 hours to see if there’s any irritation or redness. If not, you can go ahead and use it freely!

Azelaic Acid is naturally found in whole grains like barley, wheat, and rye, so its natural properties are effectively used in most skincare products to get the most out of this amazing ingredient.

Benefits Of Azelaic Acid That Can Help You with Several Skin Conditions

Works Well Against Acne Bacteria

Unlike many other acids like salicylic, glycolic, and alpha-hydroxy acids used in other skincare products, Azelaic Acid is a strong and effective, naturally occurring acid that not only kills bacteria with its anti-bacterial properties but also an OTC option that is effective in treating cystic acne. Azelaic Acid reduces the free fatty acid content that creates acne and thus stops acne from reoccurring.

Lightens Acne Scars And Melasma

Azelaic Acid is really effective in managing hyperpigmentation by reducing the production of melanin by restricting the enzyme that produces it. A reduced amount of melanin lightens the dark areas and brings hyperpigmentation under control.

Offers Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Azelaic Acid not only limits the progression of acne and rosacea but also brings a lot of relief from these skin conditions. And it does that through its anti-inflammatory properties. These properties reduce redness, pain, and itchiness in the skin. It works differently for different skin types. For acne-prone skin, it prevents pimples from breaking out again. For skin types that are prone to rosacea, it reduces pain, redness, and other kinds of irritations.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells often lead to your skin looking dull and dreary. By enabling the removal of dead skin, Azelaic Acid ensures that you enjoy that much desired glow!

Why It's Important To Prevents Skin Conditions From Redeveloping

Azelaic Acid is comedolytic in nature. It means that it prevents acne and rosacea from redeveloping in your skin. It also keeps the skin pores clean, resulting in a lesser accumulation of oil. The lesser the oil accumulation, the lesser are the chances of these skin conditions developing.

azelaic acid face serum for acne

Customer Reviews of Azelaic Acid Serum

Review 1
‘It works almost immediately’

Azelaic Acid is a non-sticky, non-irritating cream that can be applied to your skin just as any other cream. It starts working almost immediately and you can see the difference in a very short span of time. I have used this cream and I can see effective results helping my skin get better.

Review 2
‘Azelaic Acid works even against hormonal pimples’

I used to get hormonal pimples every month and I tried several kinds of treatments, but nothing worked until I found this magical ingredient - Azelaic Acid. It treats pimples and reduces hyperpigmentation without causing any kind of irritation to your skin. I highly recommend this ingredient to all those people who have oily skin or skin types that are prone to acne and rosacea.

Review 3
‘It works really effectively against cystic acne’

I started using Azelaic Acid recently, and I am really happy with the results. I had two acne – one small and one quite big. The small one completely vanished in one night itself. The bigger one didn’t grow any more from day one. And after a couple of days, it started flattening. I used Azelaic Acid continuously for 3-4 days and I could see the results. So, it is safe to use Azelaic Acid on consecutive days. The results were quite satisfactory as it worked really well on my skin without causing any irritation.

Review 4
‘It worked on my combination skin as well’

I used Azelaic Acid Serum for 30 days and it showed a considerable improvement in the pigmentation of my skin. I have combination skin, which means it is dry and oily in different parts of my face, and yet the serum worked for me. It didn’t cause any kind of irritation or discomfort even though I applied it twice a day for almost a week. So, I can say that it is safe to use it during the day as well as during the night. There are no side effects whatsoever.

Review 5
‘Even the high-strength Azelaic Acid cream worked on my sensitive skin’

I used a high-strength Azelaic Acid cream, and it worked really well on my sensitive skin as well. I did get a few dry patches below my nose and my chin, but I was able to manage that with a moisturizer. So, nothing big or worrisome. Otherwise, it helped reduce the acne and pigmentation on my skin and worked quite effective

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