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Sunscreen And Its Benefits

Summer is here, and everyone is looking for a solution to protect their skin from its UV radiations. The harsh radiations of the sun are affecting everyone and everyone nowadays prefers using sunscreen lotion. A good sunscreen lotion will prevent tanning and prevent the damages caused to the skin due to harmful UV radiation. Wearing a sunscreen lotion has become compulsory, and let us now see about them.

What are sunscreens?

Sunscreen is a powerful lotion or cream used to reduce the effects of sunlight from reaching the skin. For example, having an SPF 30 sunscreen lotion can protect your skin from damages due to UV radiations and prevent them from getting melasma, pigmentation, and rosacea. A good sunscreen lotion can also avoid the tanning of skin and keep them light. They are available as topical creams and also as moisturisers.

Benefits of Sunscreen

Why use them?

The sunscreen lotions are used for protecting the top layer of the skin from the harsh radiations of the sun. They are also used for,

Protecting the skin from UVA and UVB radiations that might result in skin cancer.

To prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation on the skin and tanning.

To protect the skin from breakouts and issues like melasma.

In short, they act as a protective shield for the skin.

Types of sunscreens

Sunscreen lotion can be a simple product, but depending upon the SPF value and quality, multiple types are available in the market. They are divided into two types using the following factors.

⦁ Based on skin type

Sunscreen Lotion is a necessary ingredient, and hence people with all skin types, including oily skin, will use it. So there are different types of lotions available depending upon the type of skin.

⦁ Depending upon the SPF value

While the essential sunscreens might have SPF 30, there are sunscreen lotions with SPF value up to 70. So depending upon the skin sensitivity and the requirement of the lotion, you can choose the SPF value.

⦁ Based on content

Some sunscreen lotions have organic filters that can be termed chemical sunscreens, while the physical sunscreens have mineral components. These filters can block the sunlight from penetrating the skin and reflect them by creating a powerful layer on the top.

Some of the common physical factors include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. At the same time, the chemical filters include oxybenzone, octinoxate, and other organic components.

How to use them?

Applying sunscreen lotion is like applying a cream, but wash your face with a mild cleanser before application. After washing the face, you can either apply moisturiser and wait for 10 minutes before applying the sunscreen lotion. The second option is to apply sunscreen lotion and wait for 20 minutes to allow them to set. People who prefer make-up can apply foundation creams after 20 minutes to make them more efficient.

Always apply sunscreen lotion as a part of your morning skin routine to protect the skin from UV radiations.

How to choose a sunscreen?

If you are a person who prefers staying outdoors, then it is essential to choose sunscreen with a good SPF value. You can select the SPF value based upon your exposure to sunlight. An SPF 30 will be sufficient for regular indoor activities, but if you need to spend more time in the sun, go for SPF 60.

Remember using sunscreen with a poor SPF value on a sunny day is as useless as not wearing sunscreen. Go for models that have good SPF value with fewer chemicals so that you can protect the skin and prevent them from damage.

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