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What are Ceramides? Everything about Ceramide Skin Care Products for Flawless Skin Type

Ceramides contain unsaturated fatty acids (sphingosine). It enhances moisture retention capacity, rejuvenates skin surface, restores skin tone and helps maintain overall dermal wellness.

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  • Ceramides enhance skin function.

  • Ceramides form an active ingredient in skin care products.

  • Ceramides conserve epidermal moisture besides treating certain skin conditions.

  • Synthetic ceramides treat excessive dry skin with increased skin hydration

  • Ceramide-based skincare products have moisturising properties and provide deep nourishment from the epidermis.

  • Board-certified dermatologists certify ceramides are 100% safe for topical application.

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides originate from the endodermis. A vital component of healthy skincare, its secretion reduces with age, leading to dry skin, dermal infections and sensitive epidermis.

Patients having chronic dermal issues like psoriasis, eczema, or suffering from sunburns have shown remarkable improvements when treated with vitamin C enriched skincare cream. It has been equally effective in embalming sensitive skin surfaces prone to frequent allergic reactions.

what are ceramides: Ceramide serum- Introduction

Ceramide serum: Introduction

The human skin contains macromolecules like alpha-hyaluronic acids, ceramides and beneficial fatty acids. These play a vital role in maintaining the water level content, enhancing dermal resistance against foreign infections while improving skin tone.

The active ingredient found in ceramides is sphingosine. An unsaturated fatty acid naturally secreted beneath the epidermis, amongst vital active ingredients to ensure a healthy skin barrier. Ceramides form an inevitable component of all dermal products.


what are ceramides: Ceramide cream and how does it act on the epidermis


What is Ceramide cream and how does it act on the epidermis?

Ceramides work deep within the epidermis upon topical application. It imparts deep nourishment while replenishing the depleted secretion of natural ceramides, which plays a critical role to nourish dry and infected skin surfaces.

Ceramides products are available in creams, gels, lotions and serums. It is fragrance-free while diffusing in the epidermis and enrichens from within. The optimum concentration of natural ceramides acts like a sealant, locking the skin surface. It reduces the transpiration rate, which influences moisture content.

what are ceramides: Ceramide lotion and benefits of applying it

What are Ceramide lotions and benefits of applying it?

Ceramides and alpha-hydroxy acids are active ingredients present in skincare routine related products. The skin cells located around the epidermis lie layer upon layer. Naturally secreted ceramides ensure they stay stacked, besides passing nutrition, moisture and collagen necessary to replace worn-out cells. Its benefits include:

  • An active skin care ingredient, it repairs the skin's natural protective barrier.

  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, slowing down the ageing skin.

  • Suitable across all skin textures, it's vital for hydrated skin surfaces.

  • Reverses rough skin while imparting deep smoothness across all skin conditions

  • It plays a critical role in healing dry skin, a precursor to dermal issues.

  • Using ceramide-based products in your skin care routine makes your skin resistant to wear and tear.

  • Synthetic ceramide-based products are also effective in oily skin. It reduces dark spots while keeping the outer skin surface comparatively oil-free.

Patients with flaky skin cannot conserve sufficient moisture because of a deficiency in the natural secretion of ceramides. Daily applying ceramide-based creams repairs epidermis irrespective of skin type. It prevents the body moisture from escaping, keeping your skin soft and healthy.

what are Ceramide-based lotion and its ingredients

What are Ceramide-based lotion ingredients?

Ceramide-based lotions contain active ingredients developed similar to naturally occurring ceramides. Its natural sources include phytosphingosine and sphingolipid (rich in triple lipid).

We need to apply ceramide externally when visible signs of irritated skin or acne-prone skin affect the skin texture. There are five ceramides present in most skin care products. Though artificial, it plays a vital role in healthy skin care:

  • Ceramide 1, also known as EOS
  • Ceramide 2, also known as NS or NG
  • Ceramide 3, also known as NP
  • Ceramide VI-2, also known as AP
  • Ceramide 9, also known as EOP

When shopping for ceramide-based lotions, ensure the following criteria:

  • Fragrance-free product
  • Approved by a board-certified dermatologist
  • Derived from natural ceramides
  • Certified as ceramide enriched product
  • Contains lipid mixture (sphingolipid)
what are ceramides: oral ceramides & how to buy

Oral Ceramides and how to buy them?

You can buy ceramides for skin conditions in multiple dosages and package forms like moisturisers, creams, capsules, gels, oils and injections. When trying it for the first time, consult with a skin specialist. Also, ceramide-based injections are not for sale without valid clinical prescriptions.


When shopping for ceramide-based products, choose those available in non-toxic containers (glass, plastic). Besides, it gets degraded when left under sunlight. Select opaque containers with dark surfaces for storing ceramide-based products.

what are Ceramide-based serums and how to apply them

Ceramide-based serums and how to apply them?

When buying ceramide-based serums for the first time, consult with a board-certified dermatologist about choosing the ideal product. Here’s how to apply ceramide-based products:

  • You can apply ceramide-based creams during the day (after taking a bath) and at night (before bed).

  • Ceramide-based moisturisers are best for patients suffering from moisture loss. These skin care products enhance human skin composition. They help to de-clog pores and strengthen the protective layer.

  • Ceramide-based serums restore ceramide levels in the human body. Apply it in quantity sufficient as prescribed by your dermatologist, otherwise twice daily.

  • While buying ceramide-based medications or injections, a prescription from a registered medical practitioner is mandatory.

While using ceramide-based products, ensure its certified, making them safe for skin care. Also, check for essential skin care ingredients like:

  • Paraben-free

  • BHA exfoliant

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Alpha hydroxy acids

  • Unsaturated fatty acids (sphingosine)


what are Oral ceramides

Oral ceramides and what to remember while applying them?

Ceramide-based products are friendly across all skin types. While it's perfect if applied regularly through moisturiser and cream, here's what you need to know before applying:

  • It reduces environmental stressors, meaning it's best applicable for folks lacking natural secretion of ceramides.
  • Consult with a dermatologist before using ceramides.
  • Patients with dermal issues like dry skin with an affected skin barrier should apply ceramide moisturiser.
  • If you have allergic-prone skin, apply a little on the wrist or behind the earlobe to check for adverse reactions. You can also use fragrance-free skin care products.
  • Ceramide creams help restore the human skin's natural ceramide production
  • For acne-prone skin, it keeps the epidermis oil-free to de-clog pores.
  • Abstain from applying ceramide-based products without consulting a dermatologist when suffering from fungal, bacterial or auto-immune skin disease.
  • Help strengthen skin while repairing skin barrier necessary to lower excess water loss.
  • Ceramide-based lotions are best applied only when you experience prolonged rough skin and visible signs of lines and wrinkles.
  • Ceramides improve skincare habits while hyaluronic acid enhances barrier function, removes greasy residue and reduces fine lines upon daily application.

Ceramide-based products differ from commercial moisturisers. It repairs the skin's barrier, fortifying the epidermal layer necessary for conserving moisture in the skin. Please discontinue the application and visit a dermatologist upon experiencing dermal discomfort or allergies.

what are Oral Ceramides and its Natural Supplements

What are Oral Ceramides and its Natural Supplements?

Ceramides are vital anti-ageing ingredients actively present in many dermal products. As a natural macromolecule, it has abundant natural sources, namely sphingolipid and plant-based phytosphingosine. Diet plays an important role, similar to skincare products, in replenishing its deficiency in the body. Make sure your daily portion contains ceramide-based food items like:

  • Phytoceramides (egg, soybean, dairy, fish oils, avocado, nuts, sweet potatoes)

  • Eating wheat germ, brown rice, beetroot, and spinach enhances phytoceramide levels necessary for natural ceramides.

  • Fermented food items replenish beneficial gut bacteria, smoothing digestion which plays a vital role in good skin.

  • Cooking food in ceramide-rich oils like sunflower and jojoba boost ceramides in the body.

  • Antioxidant-rich diet (tomato, kale, carrot, pumpkin) plays a vital role in repairing the skin barrier.

A balanced diet fortified in ceramide-rich items enhances its concentration in the epidermis. To counter severe ceramide-based deficiency, consume ceramide-rich food items besides applying ceramide-based products.

What are Ceramides role in skin's natural barrier function?

Ceramides form a vital component in the skin's natural protective barrier, also known as the physiological barrier. The skin originates from the ectoderm, later developing into the epidermis. The skin cells comprise:

  • Epidermis (outermost layer)
  • Dermis (middle layer)
  • Endodermis (innermost layer)

The endodermal layer contains subcutaneous tissues or fat cells. Its secretions combine ceramides, hyaluronic acids, triple lipids necessary to prevent dehydrated skin. Under natural conditions, these macromolecules hold the dermal (middle layer) and the epidermal cells (top layer), where body water stays conserved.

Both dermis and epidermis act as a protective layer for the inner endodermis. When your skin lack ceramides, the tightly bound cells of the dermis lose cohesive force and loosen the outer skin surface or the epidermis. A further deficit of ceramides turns the epidermis dry and rough. It triggers excess water vapour loss through transpiration.

Ceramides and what leads to their deficiency?

Ceramide deficiency occurs when the skin cannot secrete adequate ceramides required for dermal wellness. Over the years, dermatologists have observed the leading reasons behind the lack of ceramides. It comprises:

1. Dietary deficiency

  • Absence of ceramide-rich substituents (sphingolipid and phytosphingosine) in diet
  • Suffering from malnutrition along with vitamins, micronutrients and protein deficiency

2. Age and lifestyle

  • Ceramide secretion decreases over 30-years of age
  • Lack of sufficient sleep, stress and anxiety
  • Substance abuse (alcohol and tobacco) adds to lower ceramide levels.

3. Environmental aggressors

  • Frequent illness shows poor immunity
  • Overweight
  • Experiences recurrent allergic problems
  • Sensitive skin
  • Intolerant to sunlight exposure

4. Previous clinical history comprising dermal problems

Patients having previous dermal issues are prone to experience acute ceramide deficiency when suffering from:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Skin cancer
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne problems
  • Skin infections (pathogenic)
  • Diabetic patients have poor healing issues worsening ceramide deficiency

What is Safety of Ceramides in skin care?

Ceramides have undergone extensive peer reviewed studies. It lowers transpiration improves skin texture. It also heals environmental damage to the skin and restores the human skin's barrier. While most people are comfortable with ceramides, it's safer to perform a safety assessment when applying for the first time.

Some people are allergic to perfumes. In that case, shop for a fragrance-free ceramide lotion. You can also try skin care products containing pomegranate sterols. Also, ensure it's approved under medical dermatology.

Most Popular Questions on What are Ceramides?

1. Is niacinamide the same as ceramide?

Niacinamide is a vitamin B3 (niacin) derivative. Ceramides contain sphingosine, a lipid-based ingredient naturally produced in the skin. Niacinamide and ceramides are not the same, yet vital for skin repairing and restoring tone.

2. Are ceramides the same as retinol?

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, while ceramides are a derivative of sphingosine. Retinol enhances collagen production, while ceramides impart deep moisturising. Both are vital as skin ingredients, yet ceramides and retinol are not similar.

3. Can I use ceramides every day?

You can apply ceramide-based lotion daily in quantity sufficient or as directed by your dermatologist. It's a natural macromolecule secreted beneath the epidermis. Ceramides ensure healthy skin while fighting pathogen attacks and resisting dryness.

4. Who should use ceramides?

Ceramides are skin-friendly and compatible even for the most sensitive skin. Patients having skin issues are best suited to apply ceramides. Although ceramide is a natural ingredient, it's best upon daily application.

5. How safe are ceramides?

Ceramide is a natural ingredient secreted from the epidermis. It's compatible across all skin types, besides protecting the skin surface against abrasion. Ceramides restore moisture in the skin and heal dermal issues.

6. What do ceramides do for your skin?

Ceramides help entrap moisture below the skin. It nourishes the epidermis, heals damaged skin and enhances regeneration necessary to keep the skin surface healthy and infection-free.

7. How do you use serum based on ceramides?

The serum contains nine different ceramides artificially prepared to replenish the skin surface, compensating for natural secretion below the epidermis. Ceramides form an active ingredient across extensive topical products that help restore moisture in the skin.

8. What do ceramides contain?

Ceramides contain sphingosine, a type of long-chain fatty acid. It's a macromolecule naturally secreted from the epidermis, besides playing a vital role in maintaining the natural skin tone, trapping moisture necessary for healthy and flawless skin.

9. What is the function of ceramides?

Ceramides have an excellent troubleshooter in alleviating skin issues. It entraps excess water loss while enhancing collagen formation necessary to replace damaged skin.

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Summary of Ceramides

Meet the must-have ingredients of any dermal product, ceramides! This natural molecule enhances the water vapour retention period in the epidermis. Applying ceramide lotion helps fight skin infection, excessive dryness or healing affected epidermis, making it popular amongst board-certified dermatologist based prescriptions.

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