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What Is Pigmentation And How To Treat It?

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Pigmentation is a normal skin condition that happens due to the increase in melanin cells in certain spots. But when this pigmentation spot darkens due to the increase in melanin, it is usually called Hyperpigmentation. This sudden increase in melanin might occur due to ageing, exposure to sunlight and hormonal changes.

Hyperpigmentation has become a pretty common issue among people of all ages. Even though Hyperpigmentation is predominantly visible on the face, it can also occur in other regions like the neck and hands.

These pigmentation spots can either be a small spot with less visibility or be a larger one with a darker shade. Treating hyperpigmentation is quite easy, but it is necessary to understand them for a transparent procedure.

What is pigmentation?

The level of hyperpigmentation can vary for each person, and hence the treatments will also be different. Even though there is no particular reason for or having hyperpigmentation, they are generally associated with imbalanced hormones, exposure to sunlight, and so on. Certain countertop medicines are available for hyperpigmentation, and it is always a good option to consult with the doctor for a precise classification of the type.

what is pigmentation & How To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Types of hyperpigmentation

There are multiple types of hyperpigmentation conditions present, and three have been considered the most common type. Understanding them will allow you to choose the perfect medicine that will reduce pigmentation.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( PIH)

The PIH is a condition where the skin gets darker due to constant irritation or severe injury. So this type of hyperpigmentation is commonly found in people with acne-related issues. They can also be caused by burns, eczema, and other skin conditions like insect bites. People often confuse the hyperpigmentation condition with normal scarring and redness that will gradually fade with time.

Treatment - Hydroquinone is a standard procedure and medication used for treating PIH. They are usually suggested for people above the age of 13. Along with this, other synthetic topical agents like retinoids and adapalene have proved to be quite effective.


Melasma is a skin condition that occurs mainly on the face due to constant sun exposure, hormonal changes, and irritating chemicals. They are commonly found in people with dark skin tones, and they usually fade when treated with the perfect medications. Sometimes they can be quite persistent and cannot be treated with over-the-counter topical creams.

Melasma Treatment

Even though the permanent treatment for removing melasma is laser therapy that might remove the spots altogether, some people find it intimidating. So the normal treatment options include niacinamide creams that reduce the melanin count gradually.

Solar Lentigo

This is a skin condition that occurs in dark patches due to heavy sunlight exposure after 40. The melanin cells in this region are quite persistent, and they cannot be treated normally with creams like in the other conditions.


The topical creams are quite effective in this case, and hence the only option available is cryotherapy and laser treatment. Even after undertaking the treatment, it is necessary to protect the skin by applying regular sunscreen with a good SPF content.

How do I treat pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common problem, and it can be treated using topical creams and laser treatments. But before obtaining a green or any treatment, it is always a good option to consult with the Dermatologist to understand the pigmentation level and offer suitable creams.

So instead of buying your very own cream, always consult for a good classification and effective skincare treatment. You can also treat the condition using AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid) treatment that removes the top layer of the skin and offers a clear bottom layer with evenly pigmented skin cells.

Ingredients (acids) that help

Even though most doctors and skin care specialists prefer to go for heavy treatments like AHA and laser for removing hyperpigmentation, there are also other creams like niacinamide, hydroquinone, and adapalene.

All these ingredients can improve the skincare condition and provide a natural and bright look. But before getting affected by the condition, it is always a good option to prevent it, which can be done by using regular sunscreens and doctor immediately when you notice the pigmentation on your face.

FAQs about What Is Pigmentation And How To Treat It.

Can pigmentation be removed completely?

    Hyperpigmentation can often be diminished using cosmetic treatments, creams, and home remedies. That said, it may not always be possible to remove it completely, especially when it has been there for more than just a few years or the spots are way too dark than that of the actual skin tone of the person.

    What is the main reason for pigmentation?

      Increased production of melanin is the root cause of hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure, fluctuations in hormones, aging, skin injuries, and inflammation are some of the reasons that contribute to the increased production of melanin and subsequently cause pigmentation.

      How long does it take for pigmentation to clear?

        Fading pigmentation is usually a gradual process. If a spot is just a few shades darker than one’s natural skin color, it can usually go away within a year’s time or even earlier than that. However, if the pigmentation is deep-seated and much darker than the natural skin color, the process of fading can take years.

        Can changes in the diet help reduce pigmentation?

          A balanced diet comprising of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids can help reduce the impact of pigmentation. Fruits such as papaya, oranges, grapes and berries, and vegetables such as avocado, carrots, broccoli, and capsicum can prove to be of great help in this regard.

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