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Cracking the mineral code: Reversing the effects of hard water on Your Hair Stands

So you think you have been treating your mane just right, pampering it with tones of expensive products, spending a small fortune on salon treatments yet something doesn’t seem quite right?!

It could be strands bearing a distinct greenish or orange tint or a scalp that’s all crusty and flaky...The nemesis in disguise could be none other than the mineral rich hard water flowing from your shower heads! Amigos, you could blow up a month’s dough on your hair care regimen and yet end up with hair that looks limp and dull and feels all crunchy and unmanageable if the reason behind your beauty woes is the water running in your taps. Let’s get cracking on the signs of hard water on hair and ways of reversing it.

Nailing the basics: Understanding the chemistry of hard water

The water that reaches your home may have passed through rocks and minerals such as limestone deposits garnering a rich concentration of iron, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates and sulfates.

chemistry of hard water by Bare Anatomy

For water to be classified hard, it must register a concentration of minerals above 3.5 gpg (grains per gallon). If your soap or shampoo doesn’t lather well and there is a distinctive crustiness on your shower heads, chances are that the water in your taps needs to be treated for hardness. 

Effect of hard water on hair shaft and scalp

Your scalp is basically just like the rest of the skin on your body. The minerals present in the hard water combined with the natural oils and sebum on your scalp can leave a greasy feeling that can later result in residue build up and flakiness.

Effect of hard water on hair shaft and scalp

Your hair shafts start feeling dull and limp and all the more prone to breakage, which results in accelerated hair loss. The mineral build up also results in your mane losing its erstwhile shine and luster, while frequent wash cycles and use of sulfate containing shampoos further disrupts the cuticle resulting in dry and unmanageable hair.

Ways to reclaim your Rapunzel-esque mane

Ways to reclaim your Rapunzel-esque mane

You could consider getting activated carbon waters fitted on taps or maybe even permanently softening your water supply. While these may seem plausible options, yet they tend to be expensive and labor intensive methods.

Till you make the switch to more permanent solutions try the following foolproof methods to save your crowning glory from the ill-effects of hard water.

  1. Resort to the hydrating goodness of argan oil

Resort to the hydrating goodness of argan oil

Hard water can strip your hair and scalp of its moisture and hydration. Restore the hampered balance with the Moroccan Argan Oil sourced from the Sous Valley of Morocco that soothe and nourishes hair without compounding any residue build up. Apply just a few drops of the oil on slightly damp hair and say hello to a naturally gorgeous, soft and shiny mane!

  1. Try an Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse

Try an Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse

Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of fresh water and use it as a hair rinse post shampooing your tresses. Bid adieu to residue and welcome gorgeous hair that stays!

  1. Use sulfate free, damage repair shampoos and conditioners

Use sulfate free, damage repair shampoos and conditioners

Always check the label of your OTC hair care product before adding to cart. Choose one that is sulfate free and also consider the fact that what works for your friend, may not always work for you! Consider switching to a more personalized hair care experience curated by Bare Anatomy that brings to you the goodness of nature inculcated with science, packaged sustainably in a bottle that is delivered right at your doorstep!

Click here to fill the hair care quiz & get industry expert scientists to formulate your unique hair care formula, while keeping it clean, research oriented and 100% customized!


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