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Style Me Up - Easy Hair Hacks for Your Weekend Parties!

After studying or working tirelessly for five days in a week, you know you deserve a hellava weekend. Resting, partying, catching up with friends and exploring new places, all needs to be done in these two days.

Feeling the time crunch, huh? Not all of us have hours to go to a salon and get our hair done before a Friday night party or make fishtail-hairstyle like a pro. However, we can share with you a small list of hair hacks that’ll make hair styling super easy and quick for you.

Trust us, we have played a YouTube tutorial while styling our hair and it takes hours and weeks of practice to reach that level of tidy braids. While it’s fascinating, we know that all of you might not have enough time to go through with it.

Hence, we compiled a few easy hair hacks for your convenience. They’ll make your hair look neatly styled in no time.

Focus on the texture for a lasting hair style

How the natural texture of your hair is at the moment can make your hair look either lifeless or salon-styled. Think about creating more texture if  you want a long-lasting hairstyle.

Focus on the texture for a lasting hair style

Just-washed hair is usually too straight and slippery for a hairstyle to stay. However, if you gave it a wash a day before the party, you also have an option to braid your hair overnight and get natural curls.

Put a grip on your bobby pins 

Getting bobby pins to stay in one place is one of the major problems one faces while styling and a simple trick can help you fix it. The trick is to place them strategically. To make your bobby-pins slip proof, spread them out on a towel and spray dry shampoo or hairspray over them.

Now, brush the towel gently from left to right to evenly distribute the spray. This will make the pins sticky and they’ll have better grip.  

Use hacks in lieu of too

Don’t have time to blow-dry? Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of accessories you can use to enhance your look with minimal effort.

For example, a glitzy headband will instantly put your hair look into a party spirit or how about the fancy butterfly clips on the side in a half up-do for a classy look?!

Give it a quick wave 

You can have romantic waves in less than five minutes. How? You may ask. Tie your hair into a loose, high ponytail and split it into five to seven sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Curl the ends of each section using a curling iron. Pull your hair out of the pony and there you go. You have your bouncy curls. Mix them up using your fingers for a more natural appearance. 

Give it a quick wave is one of the easy hair hacks

Give your hair the much-needed nourishment on regular basis

Parties means styling, which means a lot of straightening and using heating tools. For a smooth styling experience and to spare your hair a longtime damage, make sure you use good quality nourishing ingredients for your hair. For starters, you should opt for a customized pre-shampoo hair mask from Bare Anatomy that is specially made to serve this purpose. 

Make your hair look salon-styled everywhere you go! 

Bonus hair hacks 

  • Twist a section of your hair away from your hairline and hold it with a bobby pin.
  • Go for classic loose curls. Just don’t brush them out, let them be natural.
  • Go for a deep side part and use a bejewelled bobby pin.
  • Pull your hair half-up, braid the ponytail and wrap it around to make a top knot.

Go on, give yourself party-perfect hairstyle! 

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