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Stop Overthinking About Your Damaged Hair And Bring Them Back To Life!

It’s balayage on Mondays and blow dry on Sundays for this generation. With a new hair trend popping up in our Insta-feed every month, it’s a challenge to keep our gorgeous hair from being damaged.

We have all been in that experimental energy when we wanted to colour our hair, get some highlights or go Gaga with our hairstyle. However, at the moment, nobody realises the damage overstyling, overheating or overdoing can do to our mane.

Regardless of how it appears, hair damage is not limited to split ends. Each hair strand has three layers. Medulla is the innermost layer, cortex is the middle one and cuticle is the outermost layer.

The cuticle protects your hair from everyday damage. However, when this top layer is damaged, which is usually due to overexposing your hair to chemicals and heat, your hair turns dry, brittle and lifeless.

The fact that hair is actually a collection of dead cells, prevents it from being restored quickly. But with time, a few measures can revive the lost beauty!

#BareTip: Go for a toxin-free approach while looking at hair products.

How To Repair Chemically Damaged Hair? 

As much as we love hopping from one hairstyle to another, it is important for us to know what is good and what is bad for our hair. It becomes easier to fight a disease, when we know its cause. So, focus and find out if it’s your shampoo and/or hair colour that’s sucking the life out of your hair or it’s the heating tools and pollution that’s killing the charm. Once you discover that, go ahead and take the right measures to prevent further damage.  

Bleach trouble?

If you’ve had your head wrapped around how to fix damaged bleached hair, follow us here. It's fun that you dyed your hair but you probably also used bleach to lighten it first. Bleach removes your natural hair colour from each strand and to do so, it makes your hair swell. This allows the bleach to reach the inner layers of the strand. It dissolves the melanin in your hair. Hence, bleach always leaves your hair with some sort of damage. It can make the hair look dry, brittle and more fragile. It eventually loses the elasticity and strength.

  • To avoid this, we suggest, say no to bleach.
  • Keep your hair moisturised. Massage it with almond oil as regularly as you can.
  • Use sun protection for your hair.
  • Use customized hair care that's gentle on your hair and restores its health.

#BareTip: Choose a natural dye which is within three shades darker than your original hair colour.

how to repair damage hair

Tool Setting  

After you’ve settled for using the heating tools and styling your hair almost every day, we can assume, you must be struggling from queries like “how to repair damaged hair from straightening or curling?” Too much cooking of hair can damage hair fibers and make it porous.  

  • You can avoid further damage by blow drying your hair from a distance, keep it at an approximate distance of six inches and keep moving it. It’ll be a real breather for your hair. 
  • Use chemical-free products that are formulated to protect your mane against heat and UV rays. Go more natural with your hair styling products. 
  • Lower the heat of any styling tool that you’re using. Understand that your hair has a limit to how much heat it can take and with over styling on high temperature, you might be crossing it. It may make your hair look glossy at the moment but will drain life out of them in the long run.  
  • Air dry if possible. It’s one of the best options in current circumstances. It’ll give enough nutrition and time to your hair to be restored. 
  • Keep nourishing your hair on a regular basis. Condition them using the good old coconut oil. 

Find customized hair care that's gentle on your hair and restores its health.

How To Repair Damaged Hair Fast At Home?

What can’t we do at home? Our home is filled with magical items and some people aren’t even aware of it. Healthy habits go a long way and it’s time you start using this saying to your benefit. If you want your luscious mane back in its full glory, try these methods and what you see might surprise you (in a good way, of course!) 

  • Massage your hair with shea butter half and hour before you shampoo for a natural shine. 
  • Rinse your hair with freshly brewed tea after shampoo for shine and enhanced hair colour.
  • Apply warm botanical oil of your choice - olive, almond, jojoba, coconut or argan oil to your tresses 45 minutes before your hair wash.
  • Take aromatherapy seriously and start adding a few drops of strong scents like sandalwood oil to your regular oil.  
  • Use aloe vera gel for 30 minutes on your damaged hair once a week.  
  • Eat Omega-3s to keep that mane of yours healthy.  

And before another new hair trend has us rummaging through our beauty shelves and tools, let’s restore what we’ve lost!  



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