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You Won’t Think About Skipping Conditioner After Reading This

“Don’t forget to condition your hair post shampooing.” An instruction that is served hand-in-hand with every hair care routine. To be honest, many people still get out of the shower a few minutes early and skip that step and why not?

You’ve been guided well against taking stress, unhealthy diet and genes being vital factors that contribute to poor hair health. What good can adding an extra step do to that?

It’s true that what you consume affects the health of every cell in your body including your hair. Yet, along with your diet, doctors and hairstylists choose to put a lot of emphasis on using the conditioner regularly.

Well, because as lazy as you might feel, conditioning the hair is important for the optimal hair health.

What Is A Conditioner?

Majorly, hair conditioner benefits hair by moisturising it. It is a moisturising agent consisting of oils, emollients and many other ingredients which restore the moisture in hair after it is stripped from shampooing.

What Is A Conditioner

There are different types of conditioner - post-shampoo hydrator, deep conditioner, cleansing conditioner, leave-in conditioner and dry conditioner. While mass produced conditioners often contain chemicals like silicones, you can always choose a chemical-free option. .

Why Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair?

The cells in the outermost layer of the hair shaft are arranged in the form of fish scales. When you shampoo your hair, it takes away the moisture which makes the outermost layer of cells stand out like spikes. This makes hair look rough and frizzy.

Why Is Conditioner Necessary For Hair - Bare Anatomy

When you apply conditioner to the hair shaft, it smoothes out these cells. It results in smooth-looking, shiny hair making it easy to detangle. What moisturiser is to your skin, conditioner is to your hair. It hydrates the hair shaft and controls brittle hair and split ends.  

Regular conditioning maintains the elasticity and shine of hair. Overusing hot styling tools and hair treatments make your hair dry. However, if you condition your hair regularly, your locks are protected from the damage caused by harmful UV rays, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other styling tools.

How Do You Use A Hair Conditioner?

As much as you might feel you know everything about how to condition your hair, you might be missing something important. There is of course a right and a wrong way to condition your mane. The best way to apply a conditioner is in a long, fluid motions.

How Do You Use A Hair Conditioner - Bare Anatomy

Ensure you squeeze some of the water out of your hair after you’re done shampooing. Otherwise, it’ll diminish the effects of the conditioner. Too much water can dilute the conditioner and prevent hair from absorbing the ingredients that provide moisture.

You can leave your conditioner in the hair for two minutes, that’s enough. However, if you’re using a deep conditioner, leave it up to three to five minutes.   

Bare Tip: Use reverse therapy to give your hair a more natural look. It might sound odd but sometimes mixing up things and unlearning what we’ve learned can work better. Use your conditioner before you shampoo.

This technique is a game changer. Just trust us and give it a shot. While you’re in the shower, condition your hair from root to tip and leave it in for two minutes. Now rinse it with a soft hand and apply shampoo. This will add volume to the limp hair.

But wait, is your conditioner made for YOU?

Thankfully, beauty has gotten incredibly efficient. A make-over (I like wordplay) of the beauty industry itself. Customization of beauty products has been the trend, helping you skip the tiresome and skin exhausting trial and method error and only use products precisely made for your hair/skin type.

Let us custom create the best hair care formula for you!

Bare Anatomy's hair care range is a great example of the clean and smart beauty revolution that you should partake in. We take into account internal and external factors to your hair, and custom create the best formula for you, all while you get to choose your hair care color and fragrance! What's more is that this is done by industry expert scientists in our in house state of the art lab, to ensure the highest and barest quality, with ingredients that are as clean as they come.

The formulation is started once you lace your order, to ensure freshness and the highest efficacy. Okay, you can go check the products out now, I'll stop.

FAQs On Why Conditioner is Important

Is conditioner good for thin hair?

Yes, definitely. Your hair needs conditioning. Fine hair can easily house knots and get tangled which is why it needs conditioner more than thick hair do. The best strategy would be to condition only the bottom half of your hair, from mid-lengths to tips. Avoid the roots. 

What happens to your hair if you don't use a conditioner?

When you don’t use a conditioner, bad things happen to your hair. Your hair becomes more prone to tangle, brittle and breakage. It’s easier for your hair to stay moisturised and entangled when you are conditioning it

Should I use a conditioner on my scalp?

No, it’s not a good idea to put conditioner at the roots of your hair. The natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there. Instead, apply it from the mid-lengths to tips.

So, no skipping conditioner from now on!


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