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What is a Hair Smoothing Serum? Your Guide to Using Hair Serum for all Hair Types

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  • Hair serums contain silk proteins.

  • They are best known for having an anti-frizz shampoo that treats damaged strands.

  • Their chief ingredient is a non-sticky formula to prevent the clogging of hair pores.

  • Apply hair serums along the affected hair length

  • For complete nourishment, ensure it doesn't touch the scalp's surface. 

Hair serum is a specialised dermal product that treats affected hair roots. It contains essential nutrients which impart nourishment to dry hair and sensitive base. Individuals experiencing hair fall issues apply smooth, intense serum for deep conditioning from tip to root. 

If you are experiencing abrupt shedding, consult a dermatologist to use the ideal hair nourishing serum enriched with precious oils. 

Hair Smoothing Serum for fine hair: Overview

Our scalp hair experiences may shed from chemical treatment, applying hot tools for styling, or prone to abrupt shedding lacking a dedicated hair care routine. A few drops of hair serum treat major hair issues and often reverse frizzy-hair like conditions. 

They restore hair texture, add shine besides, imparting a layer of beauty to your precious hair length. Reverse your dry hair issues by applying a few drops of hair serum to your damp hair daily. 

The daily benefits of using hair serum products

The daily benefits of using hair smoothing serum products from Bare Anatomy

The most popular benefit of hair serum is adding glossy shine with smoothing tresses. Made of skin-friendly ingredients, these have lighter formulas than conditioners, making them more compatible with women's hair. The benefits of choosing the best hair serums include:

Protecting hair from environmental damages

Using hair nourishing serums imparts a protective shield over the hair strands to battle against the following factors:

  • Environmental (UV rays damaging hair strands and follicles upon prolonged exposure)

  • Pathogenic activity (fungal infection clogging pores and triggering hair fall issues)

Enhancing the growth of hair follicles

Enhancing the growth of hair follicles using Bare Anatomy hair smoothing serum

Healthy hair growth happens from resilient hair follicles. Applying hair serum along the strands enhances its resistivity against stress. It protects the hair roots and follicles from brittle strands shedding upon slight abrasion. It leads to the rapid growth of hair along the length without compromising volume. 

Imparting nutrition into the hair

Imparting nutrition into the hair using Bare Anatomy hair smoothing serum

Hair smoothing serums contain vital oils like argan, jojoba, and coconut extracts. They also contain hyaluronic acid-like compounds that play a crucial role in the secretion of collagen and keratin, both vital skin-building blocks. It prevents the thinning of hair, which keeps a check on the abrupt shedding of hair strands. 

Repairing damaged hair tresses

Repairing damaged hair tresses using Bare Anatomy hair smoothing serum

Hair strands are most susceptible to getting damaged than hair roots or follicles. It makes the strands brittle while it suffers thinning, making them prone to shed. Hair smoothing serums contain ingredients like tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil. They help reduce inflammation of the scalp while also enhancing the overall length of hair strands. 

Restores hair shape and volume

The primary use of hair serum is to provide overall protection to the scalp hair. When a lack of haircare routine or stress-mediated issues triggers hair loss, using compatible hair serum reverses frizzy-hair issues. It further replenishes the scalp with essential nutrients vital for hair growth, restoring hair texture and volume. 

What is the perfect way to apply hair smoothing serum to your hair?

Perfect way to apply hair smoothing serum to your hair - Bare Anatomy

Hair serum, unlike conditioners, is compatible with both damp and dry hair. Not sure how to use hair serum? Here's the needful to apply serum when your hair stays dry:

  • Comb your hair well along the length

  • Pour a couple of drops on your palm.

  • Apply from the ends and slowly climb up towards the scalp.

  • Run your fingers to detangle any frizz-issues


  • You can rub the serum between the palm

  • Then uniformly apply along the hair length

  • Let it dry

When using wet hair serum:

  • Damp your hair well

  • Shampoo to ensure its clean (chances of clogging otherwise)

  • You may apply conditioner (depends on the hair texture)

  • Pour some drops of wet-based hair serum

  • Apply it along the hair length

  • Let it dry

Applying hair serum is the final touch of your hair routine. It keeps your hair smooth while generously adding shine to it. 

What are some of the natural ingredients that impart hair serum like nourishment?

Natural ingredients that impart hair smoothing serum like nourishment - Bare Anatomy

Hair serum imparts a silky and oily (not greasy) texture to your hair. Women can best apply evenly on their long strands across all hair types. When shopping for the best hair smoothing serums, check that their active ingredients contain at least one mentioned below.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

Nothing can control frizz-related issues better than coconut oil. Rich in lauric acid, it makes hair saturated with moisture, keeping it smooth and frizz-free round the clock. Besides, coconut oil acts as a natural hair mask, whether applied alone or after shampoo. 

Argan oil

Argan oil used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

A rich source of vitamin E, argan oil contains natural moisturising agents (linoleic and oleic acid). It enriches the scalp, enhancing hair follicle proliferation. Best used as a finishing product, a dash of argan oil highlights the beauty quotient of your fabulous hairstyle. 

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

Famous for its dietary benefits, apple cider vinegar acts as a multi-role ingredient in our lifestyle. It imparts:

  • Balances scalp pH (4.5 to 5.5)

  • Eliminates pathogenic growth (unclogs pores to prevent sebum accumulation upon fungal infection leads to itching).

  • Checks excess sebum secretion by keeping the hair cuticle tight

  • Helps treat frizzy-hair


Avocado used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

A rich source of vitamin A and E, avocado imparts oral and topical benefits on application. Applying an avocado-coconut mask to hair and scalp eases frizz-hair, hydrates the hair follicles, and entraps moisture along the hair length. If you are incompatible with eggs, avocado is a suitable replacement.


Eggs used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

With massive health benefits, eggs are a rich source of biotin (vitamin B-7), enhancing the healing properties of the damaged skin surface. If you apply an argan/coconut-based mask with eggs, it best treats scalp dryness. Also, clean your hair thoroughly after using egg-based products to prevent pathogenic infections.

How to choose the best hair smoothening serum based on hair type?

Best Hair Smoothening Serum Based on Hair Type by Bare Anatomy

The best hair serums can treat coarse hair, imparts a smooth tone along the length, and restores shine from tip to the pore. Their active ingredients contain essential oil-based extract. To ensure maximum nourishing, buy hair-based serums enriched with natural oils without making the crown greasy. 

Treating dry hair issues

Losing moisture because of climatic issues triggers frizz-hair, devoid of smooth tone and shine. Serum with silicon-based formula imparts frizz-control, it makes hair retain moisture and repairs damaged hair from the pore. 

Protecting curls along hair strands

Curly hairstyles have whole different popularity. Again, it's prone to becoming frizz-hair, besides being vulnerable under the sun. The ideal serum should contain a lightweight formula to add moisture along the curled length from root to tip. 

Repairing hair from chemical treatment 

Repairing hair from chemical treatment using Bare Anatomy hair smoothing serum

Chemical treatment covers highlighting your hair using artificial dye, straightening or curling using hot tools, regular sessions of blow-drying. It sucks moisture from the crown, causing your hair to turn frizz. To repair chemically affected hairstyles, buy oil-based frizz-free serums. It increases the water content in the hair surface to restore the secretion of essential oil, providing a complete overhaul. 

Hair serums for split ends

Split ends affect the tip of the hair, splitting it from exposure to harsh conditions or a side effect of chemical treatment. Such hairstyle may retain a smooth tone between the root and the tip. It leads to frizz-hair when left untreated. When shopping for hair repairing serum, make sure it contains keratin, hyaluronic acid and collagen. These are building blocks of the epidermis and repair damaged crown in little time. 

What additional hair products to use with hair serums?

Additional Hair Products That Can Be Used With Hair Smoothing Serums - Bare Anatomy

The secret to a hassle-free hairstyle round the clock, your hair should receive nutrition daily like the human body. Besides, using hair-based serum is not enough without a comprehensive hair care routine. Here's the list of additional hair care products you need other than hair repairing serum. 

Role of hair oil

Role of hair oil & hair smoothing serum explained by Bare Anatomy

Using hair oil daily is beneficial for long hair. It nourishes the entire hair volume from tip to root. During summer, hair experiences intense blow-dry from harsh climatic conditions. Hair oil extracted from coconut, olive, or jojoba shield its exposed surface from denaturation, preventing hair shedding.  

The need to shampoo

The need to shampoo & hair smoothing serum - Bare Anatomy

We use soap to keep our body skin clean and free from secretive build-ups. Shampoo performs a similar role for crown hair. It cleanses the excess sebum build-up secreted daily to lubricate the hair follicles. Shampoos contain added ingredients to check hair loss, maintain a clean scalp, and add a refreshing tone to your hair volume after every bath.

What is the purpose of a hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner nourishes your hair from tip to root and adds a protective covering that shields the strands from damage with a subtle touch of beauty. Unlike hair oil, it's applied to damp hair after shampooing. It repairs blow-dry damages, rejuvenates coarse hair, and protects the hair follicles from environmental shocks that trigger sudden loss of hair. 

Hair mask and its advantage

Hair mask and its advantage by Bare Anatomy

Benefits Of Using Hair Masks is to treat intensive damages like excessive drying, sensitive hair cuticle, sudden shedding or hair loss. These have higher moisturising potential than average conditioners. Besides, it contains raw extracts of essential ingredients beneficial for hair growth and restoration. 

The role of home remedies in smoothing hair

The role of home remedies in smoothing hair using hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

A daily hair care routine is the first step to maintaining healthy hair. Homemade remedies nourish and replenish the scalp, also serve as a convenient and natural replacement for harmful chemical ingredients. If you are new to hair routine, here's what to do next:

Occasional scissors

Occasional scissors used with hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

Trimming is a vital part of hair growth and longevity. When hair strands extend, they may develop broken ends. Split hair strands affect the hair cuticle and become prone to frequent hair loss. Trim your hair conveniently from the tip to eliminate its splicing tendency.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements used in hair smoothing serum from Bare Anatomy

Most hair problems begin as a side effect of poor nutritional habits. If your diet lacks minimal portions of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like calcium, iron, the hair follicles can experience sudden shedding from acute deficiency. If you have dietary restrictions or are a picky eater, consume oral supplements to replenish the lack of nutrition in your body. 

Follow haircare routine

Design a personal hair care routine to tackle hair problems. If you have a busy lifestyle but look forward to sporting long hair, combining time management with compatible products helps neutralise hair issues. You can wash your hair on alternate days, apply shampoo and conditioners twice a week and put hair mask during the weekend if your hair is prone to an active lifestyle.

Practice protection while going out

Besides trying out hair treatment and applying home remedies, a preventive lifestyle is vital to reduce the chances of hair damage. When stepping out under intense sunlight, cover your face and head, or wear a hair cap to prevent harm from prolonged exposure. Also, after returning from a humid and sweaty day, apply a damp towel around your hair to keep it moisturised. 

Cold shower

Cold shower after using hair smoothing serum- Bare Anatomy

While lukewarm water is ideal for our body temperature, give your hair moisture-laden cold water during wash days. Showering using cold water enhances blood circulation around the scalp, keeps the hair cuticle closed, and prevents frizzy hair or abrupt breakage. Unlike warm water, it doesn't steal moisture and hardly leaves the hair volume dry and vulnerable. 

Using a homemade hair nourishing serum

Use a homemade hair nourishing serum from Bare Anatomy

Hair serum has become a potential buzzword when discussing DIY hair care methods. Preparing a homemade serum for your hair has become easier than before. Find your hair type, make a serum using usual ingredients like coconut oil, rose water, olive oil, aloe vera gel and store it conveniently. Also, homemade hair serum is a cheaper alternative with zero harmful chemicals. 

How to maintain a hassle-free hairstyle?

The secret to a hassle-free hairstyle is following a dedicated hair care routine. If you want to sport long and shiny hair in the future, here's what you need to follow:

  • Regular trimming is a must for removing splicing ends. It prevents damage to the entire strand while healthy inches grow back quickly.

  • Keep your hair braided (long strands) because it prevents entanglement when kept open, especially during sleep. 

  • Combing enhances blood circulation. People with long and thick hair show enhanced blood circulation in their scalp. Also, comb your hair before going to shower, never after it.

  • Apply shampoo and conditioner conveniently. Stick to organic hair products that are 100% friendly to your scalp.

  • Try warm oil moisturising in wet hair. You can also apply a suitable hair mask.

You may visit a dermatologist once in a couple of months to check your hair for any underlying issues. Also, maintaining appropriate hygiene is vital to preventing lice infections or fungal attacks. 

What are the side effects of using hair smoothing serums daily?

Side effects of using hair smoothing serums daily explained by Bare Anatomy

A nourishing serum is a concentrated source of ingredients that benefit hair development. Some of them contain minoxidil, enhancing hair growth and development. The rest impart scalp protection and contain silicon (lightweight formulation). Side effects include:

  • Topical reaction (allergy, itching, inflammation, red hives)

  • Triggers loss of hair upon application

  • Causes unexplained dryness or imparts frizzy tone to hair strands

  • Thinning of hair strands

Always perform an allergy test before using any best hair serum on your scalp.

Reverse your frizzy hair issues with these hair smoothening serums

Most Asked Questions on Hair Serum

How to choose the best hair serum for smoothening hair?

Check your hair type, length of hair strands, skin compatibility, hair problems, and check if the serum can address them. If you're satisfied, it's the best hair nourishing serum for you.

Which is the best hair smoothening serum?

The best hair smoothening serum for your hair strands is the one that solves most hair issues. Always check for skin compatibility when shopping for skincare products. 

Why apply smoothening serum to your hair?

Smoothening serums detangle the long strands of hair, pouring nutrition to your scalp, and shield hair volume against abrupt thinning or violent shedding issues. 

Why buy hair serum for smoothening?

Smoothening serums protect the head hair against environmental damages (intense sun exposure, pollution, blow-dry), physical factors (replenishing hair loss from clinical or natural issues) and chemical treatment (dyeing and beauty treatment). 

Which hair serums work best for Indian hair?

You may buy Livon serum or even try witch hazel-based hair nourishing serums (plant-based extract known for its anti-dandruff properties). If you are new to shopping serum, consult with a dermatologist than brand buying.

Is there any side effect of applying hair serum daily?

Hair smoothening serums may cause topical discomfort if incompatible with your skin and get applied beyond permissible limits. 

What is the role of hair smoothening serum?

 Hair smoothening serums are topical products. They contain essential nutrients concentrated, imparting maximum penetration. When applied along hair strands (from tip to root), they repair the hair shafts, making them resistant to shedding. These serums act as a finishing product in the haircare routine to provide maximum protection against external damage. 

Name some of the best hair serum products?

You may shop for Livon serum or try John Frieda products. You can also try sea buckthorn berry-based serums known for their dedicated moisture-locking properties. 

Which brand to shop for hair serums?

Try Bare Anatomy products that contain tailored formulations to treat hair issues at a deep and personalised level. Designed from the experience of thorough research, it offers quality skincare without compromise.

Which serum is best for damaged hair strands?

Shop for hair protection serum that contains active ingredients like ceramides, coconut milk protein and promises hair shaft repairing to restore your damaged hair. 

Is it safe to apply hair serums daily?

Dermatologists recommend not using hair smoothening serums for everyday use. These concentrated products are best used 1-2 times/week with a gap to prevent unnecessary skin issues.

What do netizens think about hair smoothing serums? 

The prevalence of damaged hair and serial hair fall amongst netizens has made them look for a preventive solution. While most hair smoothening serums promise zero hair issues, the sheer abundance of chemical ingredients in them makes it worse for individuals with sensitive skin. 

We are thoroughly against paid commissions to promote harmful skincare products. We value your tender skin because you deserve the best hair smoothening serums with authentic video testimony from real individuals. Still curious about customer ratings? Nykaa users and Amazon shoppers gave us a perfect 5-star! 

Summary of best hair serums

Hair smoothening serums are an inseparable part of any hair care routine. Made with the goodness of essential nutrients, it acts as the first line of defence in keeping the hair strands tough and resistant to abrasion. Whether applying homemade serums or shopping for commercial products, use hair protective serums at least once each week. 

When buying hair protection serums online, always check for the active ingredients and their skin compatibility factor. Not comfortable about choosing the ideal hair protective serum, consult with a dermatologist before buying one.




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