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What Is Vitamin C And Its Benefits?

Vitamin C which is otherwise popularly known as Ascorbic acid is essential for improving the strength of the body. It occurs naturally in some fruits and vegetables. Like other vitamins consuming Vitamin C is also essential for improving the glow on the skin. Read through this article to read more about Vitamin C and how they are essential for maintaining the glow on the skin.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a natural, water-soluble component that is responsible for maintaining the skin. It is an effective antioxidant and is widely found in multiple sources. Some of the common sources include,

  • Fruits like gooseberry, citrus family, and strawberries.
  • Green leafy vegetables.
  • Vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, papaya, and red peppers.

They are available in multiple forms including as L- ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Sodium ascorbate, Calcium ascorbate, mineral ascorbates, and Ethylated ascorbic acid. It is the purest form of vitamin C and usually unstable in water. So it is often mixed with ferulic acid to be stable and use for a long time especially in face serums and creams. And if you do wish to try a vitamin C serum to leave your dull skin days behind, then get your hands on the Chemist At Play Brightening Face Serum today.

vitamin c benefits in skincare

Main Benefits Of Vitamin C

Nowadays people use vitamin C for brightening their skin and also for treating various conditions. While the natural form includes normal foods and fresh fruit juices; the artificial form includes Vitamin C serum, creams, and face wash. It is used in multiple cream to reduce pigmentation. They are used to boost the radiance of the skin. Some of the common benefits of applying Vitamin C includes,

  • A perfect serum of vitamin C can be applied to the face to reduce aging-related signs and pigmentation.
  • Reduces pigmentation on the skin.
  • Improves the skin radiance.
  • Reduces tan lines.

How To Use Vitamin C In Skincare?

Before learning about how to apply a serum the first thing we need to know is the products available in the market and how to choose them.

15% Vitamin C serum - These serums is not as powerful as the other serums but they are effective removing uneven tones in the skin and for reducing the tan lines. They are more of light weight, and suitable for an even layering.

25% Vitamin C serum - This concentration is essential for removing dark spots especially after prolonged acne treatments. They are used for removing discoularationsa and dullness.

Concentrations less than 10% - This type of concentration are widely used in face creams and under eye creams. When applied in regularly they have proved to produce effective results. They are used for reduce age spots, wrinkles. They also enhance the power of retinol and ceramides.

Vitamin C can be used both in the morning and night it after following procedure of cleansing, toning and exfoliating. When you are using a face serum in the morning the best option is to apply it and allow some time for it to get absorbed into the skin. L; after they can be locked in using an effective sunscreen lotion. At night apply the serum and lock it using an night cream or moisturiser.

When vitamin C is used as a serum for regular skincare applications, it is normally mixed with ferulic acid to stabilize the compound and make them suitable for facial application. This serum can be applied directly to the face after removing the makeup. An overnight application of the serum can boost radiance and reduce pigmentation considerably.

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