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Keep Calm & Allow Us To Help You Choose Your Right Hair Colour

With all the fascinating hair colour trends showing up on your feed, it can be a challenge to pick the right hair colour for yourself. Hair trends like flamboyage, balayage, ombre and so on can make you feel overwhelmed. And if that doesn’t do it, the hair colour options will do so. After all, it’s not just browns and burgundys anymore.
The traditional methods of choosing a hair colour don’t really work for present times. However, they can help you pick a colour if you want to go for something that complements your entire look. This doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond the shade card, it just means you can choose a hair colour that will complement your skin tone the best.

Basics To Choosing The Right Hair Colour

Did you know getting the hair colour that’s in tune with your skin tone can make your look instantly glowing? But the biggest question is, what’s your skin tone? Here are a few basic things you need to know when you’re picking your hair colour.

Determine your undertone before selecting the best hair colour for your skin tone.

Wash the makeup off your face

To determine the appropriate hair colour for your skin tone, you will need to get rid of your makeup. So do a clean up, exfoliate and stand with your natural tone.

Make sure your room is lit, properly

Goes without saying that your skin colour can appear to be different in each surrounding. Sometimes at home, it looks clean and the moment you step into a salon, sit in front of the mirror, you start observing pigmentation, dry skin or even a dot that’s about to become a pimple. All thanks to fluorescent lights. So for this purpose, choose a room with large windows or other sources of natural light.

Keep Calm & Allow Us To Help You Choose Your Right Hair Colour

Do the dress test

This is one of the most convenient ways to figure out your undertone. Just open your closet and pick out a thin blouse or dress that looks the best one you, the one that gets you compliments from everyone. Observe the colour of that dress. If it’s a warm colour like red, yellow, orange, you most probably have a warm skin tone. If it’s blue, purple, green, your skin tone is likely to be cool. If both colour families look equally good on you, your skin tone is neutral. In case, you are someone who wears a lot of greys, blacks and whites, you can just pick up a bright shade and see if that looks on you or a shirt in cool shades is better. You’ll know your undertone. 

Examine your veins

If the shirt process left you confused, you can do another confirmation test. Take a look at the veins you see through your wrist. If veins are greenish, you have warm undertones. If they’re blue or purple, you have cool undertones.
Now that you know your undertone, you can move on to the shade card for your hair colour. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you are, always remember to choose a colour that has the depth at least two shades lighter or darker to your skin. So you can keep it from looking washed out.

Explore hair care products for aftercare of your hair color treatment.


Hair Colour For Warm Skin Tones

For warm skin tone, shades like caramel, butterscotch, clove go very well. They make you shine. Even when you feel like experimenting with brunette and rainbow colours, pick the warm ones like gold, yellow, coral, apricot and so on.


Hair Colour For Cool Skin Tones

Shades like burgundy, merlot, mocha, espresso and dark chocolate are unbeatable for cool skin tones. Experiment with blues, greens and purples if you want to.

Hair Colour For Neutral Skin Tones

This is a flexible skin tone, so you are free to go with a shade of brunette or mocha. You can go wild with both reds and blues.
These rules are just to get you started, you’re always welcomed to play around with hair colours.


FAQs on how to choose your right hair colour

Which hair colour is best?

As much as we want to, sometimes hair colouring is unavoidable. We would recommend you to go for an ammonia-free or organic hair colour. Ammonia is a chemical that opens up your hair cuticle during the dyeing process so your hair can absorb the colour. This helps the colour last longer but ammonia also strips away your natural hair colour.  


Which is the best hair color for dusky skin?

Most browns and burgundy's work well for dusky skin. Reds are a bit tricky though.

Choose Your Hair Products Carefully

With great hair comes a little bit of responsibility! While you're free to explore the of varieties of colours on your hair, you are also expected to maintain its health as these treatments can be quite demanding on your tresses. Try choosing hair care that is custom made for repairing the damage that may have been caused, while also fighting off an oily scalp, dry ends, humid weather, or whatever factors affect your hair. How you ask? Well, Bare Anatomy has a great range of hair care to choose from, all customized fully till the last drop! Just fill in this quiz to be in awe, and use products that are a snug fit for your hair type and lifestyle.


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