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Your Ultimate Guide to Conquer Hair Fall

Reversing the wheels of time, one strand at a time !

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Show me my days of yore when I had it all!”

If that’s what you think to yourself while running a hand through a once denser scalp, you have come to the right place! The secret to a healthier scalp and denser, frizz free hair isn’t that elusive once you get back to your basics - and that is where the relevance of bare, pure and organically grown, clean packages of goodness comes in.

The strands of hair on your pillowcase or hairbrush and the flakey yellowish-white stuff on the lapel of your crisp new shirt can slowly but surely become a thing of the past with just a quick perusal of this five minutes read.

Thinning hair 26%
M Shaped hair loss 24.40%
Hair loss while combing 19.80%
Persistant itchy scalp & Dandruff 12.60%
Hair loss at the crown 12%
More than 100 hairs lost per day 6%
Circular hair loss 3%
U Shaped hair loss 3%
No Symptoms 44%

Hair woes like hair fall and dandruff aren’t as rare as you think they might be globally, with 60.3% of the population fighting hair fall while 17.1% of the global fraction reporting prevalence of dandruff.

Can hair fall be reversed in a sustainable way, organically? 

 That could verily be the next question popping up in your minds post reading the data analysis. And the answer is a resounding yes, provided your hair woes do not have underlying genetic causes. A healthy scalp equals healthy frizz free hair.

Wondering how to maintain a healthy scalp while running a 9 to 5 in a metropolitan city with regular exposure to harsh polluting chemicals and an abundance of UV rays wreaking havoc on your crowning glory is something a lot us struggle with.

Can hair fall be reversed in a sustainable way, organically

But did you know that though medically your hair strands are pretty much dead, the “below-surface” hair underneath is alive and kickin’? Much like other parts of one's body, it requires nurturing and nourishment, in the form of oxygen and proteins from the blood supply.

That piece of knowledge brings us to the “roots” of the issue (pun totally intended). Take a walk to the shelves of your kitchen and get your hands on that jar of coconut oil hiding somewhere in the recesses. 

Organic Solution For Sustainable Hair

Warm up a bowl containing two tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with one tablespoon of olive oil (for fixing dryness or dandruff), or one tablespoon of jojoba oil (for countering fungal scalp problems). Treat yourself to a shower, wash your hair and towel dry normally.

Sit back in your favorite beanie, put your feet up and get your special someone to massage your scalp with the bowl of hot oil, working their way from roots till the ends for about twenty minutes or longer if you wish! 

Organic Solution For Sustainable Hair

Wrap your hair in a warm towel for about half an hour and treat yourself to chapters of your preferred novel or chill time playlist. This combined combo of a massage with the goodness of nature will not only stimulate hair follicle growth but also protect your hair shafts leading to a healthier nourished scalp with stronger strands! A win-win situation indeed may we say?!

What are the Importance Of  Personalized Haircare Products For Sustainable Hair

Making a healthier switch: Choosing personalized, clean beauty products over generic, OTC hair care goods

Often one equates a good luxurious lather with a good wash, however it is imperative to know that lather occurs only with harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate referred to as SLS in common parlance. Organic shampoos made with natural ingredients often don’t lather up as much leading users to doubt their efficacy. Albeit that isn’t always the case.

Importance Of  Personalized Haircare Products For Sustainable Hair

With most of the world choosing vegan diet options over others, doesn’t it seem germane and an almost organic transition to try SFS free, paraben bereft, vegan options when it comes to choosing hair care products as well?!

There is a noticeable shift towards opting for clean beauty products which are green, organic, toxin-free and sustainably produced. The need of the hour is to choose a product that is produced holistically right from picking the ingredients, to curating the formulation in labs, till the packaging and its ultimate delivery in the hands of the consumer.

Wouldn’t it be plain awesome if your shampoo or hair oil was personalized to suit your specific hair goals? Well, thy wish is our command, with Bare Anatomy bringing to you organically sourced, personalized products with your name on the bottle, you have got all your wishes in a prettily packaged re-usable bottle.

Switch to personalized, clean beauty products today.

How Bare Anatomy Can Help  For Sustainable Hair?

So y’all are wondering how it works? Well, the simplicity of the entire process adds to the beauty of the experience, right from logging on to the site, to taking a quiz to sort your hair goals, to placing your order, till the time you finally get to unbox your very own customized hair care kit, it is insanely smooth! If you still have queries regarding your hair woes, their happy hair experts are willing to sort ‘em out. Now that’s something super cool!

How Bare Anatomy Can Help For Sustainable Hair

The personalized hair quiz carries questions from your hair type, to scalp type to the recent hair treatment that you took, your hair length and your hair goals along with the fragrance, color and name you want to put on the product bottles.

So, the next time you look at the mirror, instead of reminiscing, get kickin’ and give your hair the love, care and nourishment it needs and deserves. Let nature and your customized hair care products take you back to the reality you’ve been dreaming of!


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